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Ethnicity and Dating – with Magic Leone

Magic is CEO and head dating coach of Attraction Methods. He’s originally from India, but has lived in the U.S. for 14 years. He has incredible insights into what it’s like to learn to date in a new culture, and how to get incredibly good at it.

In this interview we ask Magic:

1. For a man who feels like he’s learning to date from from scratch (whether it’s because he has limited experience, because he’s dating in a new culture, or he has been out of the game for a while) what do you think are the biggest challenges and how does he overcome them?

2. How big of a deal is ethnicity in dating? For example, we have a lot of diverse men who listen to this podcast. If a guy is from India, Pakistan, China, or Mars, will American women date them?

3. What do you think about before you approach a woman for the first time?

4. Are there any strategies that you use, that you can recommend to the men listening, to make starting conversations with strangers easier?

5. What are your favorite conversation starters?

6. A lot of guys complain about getting stuck in the friend zone. Do you think a man can ever climb out of the friend zone? What can men do to make sure they don’t get caught in the friend zone to begin with?

7. Can you explain attraction, and some of the strategies that you teach for creating attraction?

8. You’re a specialist in how move things sexually, fast. Can you walk us through this process?

9. Relationships: If a guy starts dating a woman he really likes, how does he turn that into a relationship?

10. Work Question: There is a hot girl in the office, but no one wants to get fired for sexual harassment. Do you have any tips for dating co-workers?

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