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Product Description

Craft of Charisma’s Individualized Instruction (1 on 1 coaching) pairs you with one of the world’s top dating coaches to create a customized program to help you reach your dating goals as quickly as possible.

Though our workshops are generally ran in New York City, our coaches can be arranged to travel to wherever you are.

Some of the topics that are often covered in our programs include:

Mindset – Building a better me

  • Goal setting
  • Developing confidence
  • Gaining perspective on past experiences
  • Shifting your perspective to solve current problems
  • Nurturing your unique identity
  • Being authentic
  • Discovering your masculinity
  • Getting over an Ex.
  • Social Anxiety

Meeting People

  • Overcoming approach anxiety
  • Social Awareness
  • How to make friends
  • How to meet women
  • Body language
  • Fashion / Style
  • Grooming
  • First Impressions

Social Skill – How to:

  • Approach and start a conversation with a stranger
  • Keep a conversation going
  • Make a person feel important
  • Set up a date
  • Setup up a meet-up
  • Build a social group
  • Text
  • Talk on the phone


  • When and how to touch a woman
  • How to move a woman
  • Navigate a group to get a woman alone
  • How to build chemistry with a woman
  • Create attraction
  • Nurture comfort and rapport
  • Develop Sexual tension / sexual desire
  • How to move the relationship sexually


  • Understanding the various relationship types
  • How to guide towards a relationship type
  • How to transition into a relationship
  • How to know if a relationship is right for you

Love + Commitment

  • How to sustain a relationship
  • How to listen and communicate effectively
  • When to end a relationship

If you feel like your situation is a little bit different, reach out to us. We would love to talk with you about where you’re at, and how we might help you reach your goals.

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