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    Please take a few moments to introduce yourself and to answer the following questions!

    1. What’s your name?
    2. Where you’re from?
    3. What you do?
    4. What are you goals?
    5. Where are you getting stuck now?
    6. Is there anything else you would like the community to know about you?

    Christopher Luna

    Hi Everyone!

    1. My name is Chris Luna
    2. I’m originally from Northern California, though I loved to to New York City in 2008 to attend Columbia University. I loved it, so I stayed.
    3. I’m the head dating coach from Craft of Charisma.
    4. My dating and sex like is pretty good ; ) I’m more focused now on finding ways to expand Craft of Charisma coaching, so that we can help more men reach and surpass their goals!
    5. Expanding and improving the Craft of Charisma Podcast, finding and developing coaches, having the time to do infield video, finish my book, and and a million other projects!
    6. I love what I do, and if you’re reading this, I hope that you join and be come active in the Craft of Charisma community!


    1. Hey, my name is Mike.

    2. I’ve lived in the NYC/Long Island area my whole young life.

    3. I’m currently a summer intern for Craft of Charisma, working on some marketing and social media projects.

    4. In terms of personal goals, I’m hoping to become more physically fit, increase my social skills, meet more friends, and date hot girls. I’m also aiming to improve my speaking and leadership skills, since my career goal is to work in the self-development industry.

    5. I’m still getting stuck moving beyond approaching girls, conversations, dancing, and numbers and having it lead to something more, like dates, sex, etc.

    6. Besides interning and going out to meet girls, I like to work out, listen to music, play guitar, read, and practice my public speaking by attending Toastmasters.

    Rob Virges

    1. Hey what’s up everybody? My name is Rob.

    2. I was born, raised, and currently live in New Jersey.

    3. I’m currently a summer intern for Craft of Charisma working on social media & marketing projects and developing entrepreneurial skills.

    4. I have tons of personal goals. In terms of my dating, pickup, and social skills I’m working nonstop to improve all three aspects. I’m aiming to become a more well rounded individual and entrepreneur. Lastly, I’m building my YouTube channel and other personal development projects.

    5.I’m currently stuck not getting consistent dates, dealing with other personal insecurities, and just getting better at seduction.

    6. I’m passionate about everything I do in my life. At the end of the day I want to become the best version of myself and move past potential. Whether that’d be getting better with women, building my YouTube channel, working for the best dating company;Craft of Charisma, getting in best shape possible, and overcoming every challenge that comes along my journey.


    1. Hey everyone, I’m Peter.
    2. I’m from Poughkeepsie.
    3. I’m a web developer.
    4. I have a lot of goals, but right now I’m focusing on getting better with women and I also have an entrepreneurial side and would like to start my own technology startup.
    5. I get stuck in a bunch of different spots. Sometimes I screw up the approach, but if I do good on the approach I usually do good until escalation. Then before I know it I forgot to escalate. And then the most I ever close with is a number, most of which just flake.
    6. I’m taking the Mastery Program starting tonight and am really looking forward to it!


    Hey Everyone!

    1. My name is Evan.
    2. I’m originally from Wisconsin. I moved to New York City two years ago to attend grad school at NYU.
    3. I’m a graduate student studying neuroscience and learning.
    4. With respect to social life, I want to be able to form relationships with people I find attractive or interesting.
    5. I struggle with approaching, starting conversations and building attraction.
    6. I love learning. I’m so excited to learn from the people here. I hope that I can help contribute towards others reaching there goals as well.


    1. Hey everyone, my name is Alex.
    2. I’m originally from Queens, NY. I’m currently living in Port Washington, which is located in Nassau County on Long Island.
    3. I’m a law student at Brooklyn Law School, I’m currently working for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of NY in September I’m starting at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
    4. In general, I want to improve my overall social skills, with a keen focus on approaching and attracting beautiful women.
    5. My main sticking points are approach anxiety, building attraction, and dealing with LMR.
    6. I’ll be participating in the Approach Anxiety program in August and the Mastery Program in October. I’m looking forward to learning pick up and sarging with all of you!


    Jia Wang here,

    I work as a volunteer teacher at the Boys and Girls’ clubs (5-7 years olds classes) of America and
    As a junior partner at a hedge fund (startup)

    Been book smart so far and needed to make improvement upon social intelligence.

    I am here to learn more about social skills, public speaking, leadership skills, becoming a more effective teacher.

    My main sticking point is generating attraction after approaching, some approaching anxiety and running out of materials for conversation after the first 5 minutes post approach.


    Hello! I’m starting the Mastery program today and feel so excited about it.

    My name is Subhra. I live in Jersey and have lived there for a long time but planning to move into the city next summer. Looking at Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Any tips would be welcome.

    I work in creating electronic trading software for trading firms.

    My goals in the long term are to have the power of choice as far as choosing partners, where I am not dating women I think I ‘can’ get but rather the women I ‘want’ to be with. I also want to improve my social skills in general, both with females as well as males.

    I am looking forward to joining the program and learning from it. I am excited about the community too : a supportive and positive community is an important ingredient in learning anything.

    See you all soon.


    1. Hi all! My name is Alex.
    2. NJ/NY
    3. My background is math. I work as a data scientist in NY.
    4. Learn how to play the game and enjoy it.
    5. Energy level in bars, body language, voice, sexual attraction, style. Also I want to meet guys with the same goals like mines. In practice it is not that easy especially in NYC. I would also like to learn how to do it without wings at all.
    6. Computers, technology, sports, cars, girls. Normal guy with normal male interests.


    1. Hi everyone my name is Kairu

    2. I was born Kenya, and been living in the US for 20 years now.

    3. In 2010 I decided to leave my occupation as a biochemist working in a lab and pursue a career in Online Marketing. The lifestyle is what attracted me and Currently running my own consulting company for online companies. It’s been quite a ride so far and I am glad I took the risk as hard as it was to make the adjustment

    4. What are your goals?
    Currently one of the biggest frustrations is that I’ve been travelling and I want to travel a lot more. But it gets lonely sometimes and I’ve meet beautiful women that I would freeze up and not even talk to at all. So one goal is to meet more women, more intimate relationships with women I feel are out my league. Eventually get to a point that I am travelling with a woman whom I am in relationship with.

    5. Where are you getting stuck now?
    Since taking the approach anxiety am going on dates with multiple women and with women that I am really attracted they’ll pull back because of no chemistry.
    – I get stuck in escalating things physically, communicating my interest or even displaying sexual interest. In the past I’ve had women tell me “I’ve never had a guy take that long to touch me”
    – Getting stuck in my head to find the right thing to say

    6. I am really looking forward to this Dating Mastery class, feel it been long over due.


    1. My name is Kaiwen
    2. I’m originally from China, living in NYC now.
    3. Technology and finance.
    4. To find a life partner.
    5. Overcome limiting beliefs and acquire skillset to move from beginning to the end.
    6. Tonight is the 6th week, looking forward to the class!


    Wassup guys!!
    My name is Steven
    I am from a horrible place called new jerseys jk jk lol
    I am a student attending community college studying communications
    I want to become the best version of my self, I want to meet hot and interestred women (preferably hot)
    I would also enjoy if I can meet some future bros here
    I’m a great guy and am open to open my social circle as much as possible
    I am very excited to be working with Chris and Rob and any other coach that’s going to help us
    SO LETS DO THIS!!!!!!


    Hey Guys,
    I’m Isaac –
    Born and raised in Brooklyn NY
    I currently work – helping run an e-commerce lighting business here in Brooklyn.
    I’ve always been super uncomfortable acknowledging my own sexuality/desire, especially to someone to whom I felt attracted. (Until very recently..) I’ve never had the experience of being sexually interested in someone, and being able to ‘make it happen’. I would love to be able to do that.
    Sex is kinda always on my mind, and has generally been very frustrating, I’d love to be able to develop the skills to cope better with this part of my nature/personality/life.
    I have a very hard time approaching women, exactly in proportion to how attracted I feel to them. I am also very shy about acknowledging sexual interest – similarly, the more the attraction is felt, the harder it is for me to acknowledge it.
    I’m also kind of confused about how sex can become dating can become a relationship, (maybe not precisely in that order..) I’ve never really had a ‘girl-friend’ and I’d love to be able to explore that more.
    Looking forward to having a blast of a summer with you guys!!


    1. My name is Aleksey
    2. I grew in Boston. Went to college in California and have been in NYC for almost three years
    3. I am a grad student in astronomy
    4. I would like to learn how to get a girlfriend.
    5. I have little prior experience with women (nothing beyond a few dates and making out). I can usually approach people in bars, but struggle to take the interactions further. In online dating I get ‘friend-zoned’ after 1-2 dates. I am also very shy approaching women in certain settings (daytime).
    6. Looking forward to learning from all of you guys.

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