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    Last Friday was a great introduction to pick-up and night-game. While I have studied attraction and pickup, most of it has been theoretical so far and so I am looking forward to learning hand-on techniques that work.

    The workshop part was fun and quite informative. I’ll skip it and jump straight into the in-field portion.

    Some general observations : I did have a lot of anxiety since this is my first time gaming in a nightclub environment. I have been in clubs in the past and even picked up women, but it has mostly been an organic and indirect approach where we started chatting casually, not one where I approached a group specifically to open it up. So, that was new.

    I was also having problems with my energy level which was making me too self-conscious before approaching. However, after the approaches I found conversation seemed to flow easily most of the times. I’ll have to ramp up my energy level in the future.

    The first set I approached was a couple of girls wearing the red robes and I had a very short conversation with them.

    The next set was a couple of very tall girls fondling and making out with each other. I believe they were straight and were trying to attract male attraction. I approached and joked with them and they flirted back and I even twirled one girl around.

    The next set I approached were two girls, Jessica and Nicole, and we chatted for about 10 minutes. It was a good conversation and I ended up showing them pictures of my pets on my phone.

    The fourth set was a group of four girls one of who blew me off soon by saying “I was happy so far but not happy any more”

    After that I had a long chat with three guys and almost became friends. I find it useful to chat with guys in clubs because that helps in ramping up the energy level.

    The last set I approached was a group that John and Alex was speaking with. There were three girls, all originally from Argentina but one now settled in NYC and the other two visiting. The visiting pair were sisters. Alex chatted up the girl in NYC while I chatted up the sisters. It was very good conversation and I soon found myself telling them stories. I have found ‘telling stories and anecdotes’ to be a good way of chatting up women and it also keeps a conversation from getting boring.

    Alex and I were able to move these three girls to the bar and then to a table but it turned out that the table service was $250 minimum so we left the venue, visited another club down the street and found it too crowded and then went to a restaurant nearby finally. The woman Alex was talking to was interested in her and they made out for a while. The two girls I was talking to, unfortunately, were in the city for four days only and the older sister (37) was married and the younger one (29) had a boyfriend who was also in the city at that time. I might have been able to escalate with the younger sister but the presence of the older one sitting right next to her made it difficult.

    In the end we took lots of photos, had a nice night, and parted our ways.

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