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What’s your Story? – with Dr. Aziz Gazipura

Dr. Aziz Gazipura is a clinical psychologist and one of the world’s leading experts on social confidence.

In fact, he is the founder of The Center for Social Confidence, an organization dedicated to helping men break through their shyness and social anxiety, as well as the author of the book, “The Solution to Social Anxiety.”


In this interview, Dr. Aziz talks about how his journey to develop social confidence led to a doctorate from Stanford University, and a career helping men, both as a life coach and Psychologist.

He goes on to give specific examples of how a man develops a personal story, how he can recognize if his story is serving him towards his goals, and if not, what he can do to make certain that it does.

More about Dr. Aziz:

Psychology Today:…_106544

The Craft of Charisma podcast is also available at:



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