Becoming an Alpha Male – with J.D. Dallas

J.D. Dallas is a dating and attraction advisor and motivational life counselor with Modern Male Lifestyle. He’s the author of the book “The Dating Attitude,” and has produced over 50 hours of audio trainings for men who are looking to get their lives in order.


In this interview, J.D. talks to us about the common characteristics of an alpha male and how these attributes and behaviors differ from that of the typical beta male. He goes on to explain specific steps that a man can take to acquire these attributes, as well as strategies to overcome the obstacles (both internal and external) that will impede him on his journey.

More about J.D. Dallas:

Website: www.modernmalelifestyle.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ModernMaleLifestyle
Twitter: www.twitter.com/modmanlife
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/jddallas1

The Craft of Charisma podcast is also available at:




Mike is a 2014 Craft of Charisma intern.

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