Cosmo Learns How to Kiss a Girl

By David Ingber “I haven’t had sex since Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean.” “All my female friends see me as a brother. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” “I spend nights in bed, just lying there, terrified of the thought of approaching someone.” Not being able to talk to women is stigmatized in a…

My First Experience with a Dating Coach

By David Seaman This past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday in Vegas. My friend Chris Luna, a popular New York dating and relationship coach, was in attendance. He’s the founder of Craft of Charisma. I’ve read books like Neil Strauss’ The Game and have certainly found that world interesting to read about, although for the…

The New York Times Going Infield with Dating Coach

By Eric V. Copage “It’s a back approach!” Michael McFadden shouted over the thumping music. “I’m not approaching someone from the back!” It was after 1 a.m. on Saturday and Mr. McFadden, 34, was standing behind three blond women who looked to be in their 20s. One of his companions had just urged him to…

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