Dropping Your Balls! – with Edward Teach

(WARNING – VERY EXPLICIT!) Edward Teach is a U.S. Special Forces Sniper who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s what most of us would call a man’s man. He speaks 3 languages, can shoot a fly on a man’s head from a thousand yards, lives in the wilderness off bugs and plants, can run a marathon with a 50 lb rucksack strapped to his back, and bench 365 lbs. His job requires that he be able to paratroop into enemy territory and lead a team of men for a quick hit on a high value target, and if necessary, raise a local militia to overthrow an evil dictator. He can do all of this and more, before he kills, skins, and BBQs his own lunch.

In this interview we ask Teach:

1. If a guy knows he needs to man up, what can he do to be less of a pussy?

2. How can a man learn to assert himself?

3. How does a man go after what he wants most?

4. How does a man get comfortable with his need for sex?

5. What can the listeners do to strengthening relationships with other guys?

6. What is your best advice for getting in peak shape?

7. How important is discipline in relation to success?

8. What do you think is the secret to consistent follow-through?

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