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Hybrid Dating Coaching Program (12 months – online + live trainings)




We are in a weird time, but that doesn’t need to stop you from meeting, connecting, and finding love. Which is why we’ve created this very special 12 month Hybrid Dating Coaching Program to help people navigate their search for love, romance, and intimacy, during the pandemic.

Normally, we run live bootcamps and workshops where we teach people how to approach, meet, and connect with strangers. That’s hard to do effectively while people are wearing masks (we can’t read their facial expressions) and while many people are scared to connect socially (outside their existing social circles) because they fear getting and or spreading Covid-19, a potentially life threatening disease — especially for more vulnerable populations. It’s also harder for Craft of Charisma, as a business, to run live workshops while social gathering is severely restricted by local governments and most social venues are closed.

And yet, with all of these constraints, people are still dating, hooking up, getting into relationships, searching for, and finding love. So, we’ve begun to ask ourselves, what can we can do, now, to support the people who want and need our help? And what can we do to prepare our clients, so they’re ready, for when things finally do open up? This is what we’ve got:

We’re combining two programs to give clients the support they need now:

1. The Mentor Program — which consists of small group meetings (held bi-monthly through zoom) that are designed to help attendees identify areas where they’re stuck. Coaches will be available to answer questions and to assist attendees in getting the tools and support they need to reach their goals. Online meetings are scheduled the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, from 7:30pm – 9pm Eastern (NYC) Time.

*If you have scheduling constraints, or live in a time zone where you can’t make the weekly calls (and are interested in the program), please contact us, and we’ll do our best to work with you to find a solution.

2. Live Trainings — These are interactive in-person live trainings and experiences, and include bootcamps, retreats, as well as our Dating Mastery Program, all of which are focused on specific skill acquisition. When things open up, and we resume live programs, enrollees will have 12 months to either attend up to 2, three day Craft of Charisma (group) dating bootcamps, or they can attend one cycle of our 8 week dating mastery program. Both options also include the additional ability to attend our 3 day men’s weekend retreat.

*Three day group Dating Bootcamps are normally $3,000 a piece, the Dating Mastery Program is $5,000, and our Mentor Program with our three day men’s retreat is $2,500.

As a bonus, this program will also include:

3. Online Training Videos – As part of this program we’ll be releasing online videos in responses to specific questions that come up during these programs. More specifically, these videos will be on topics that we might normally only teach in our workshops because they would be hard to explain on the phone or while live-streaming. Attendees in this program will have access to these videos while in the program.

Our goal with this Hybrid Dating Coaching Program is to provide an incredibly flexible way to help our clients to achieve their social, dating, and relationship goals during an incredibly crazy time. For those enrolled in this program, attendance is optional for all events, meetings, and activities. Students will have the ability to attend (or not attend) any eligible workshops, events, trainings or zoom calls. We want to use this opportunity to provide accessibility to Craft of Charisma coaches and their wisdom, support for our students, and tools for their rapid growth.

Lastly, this program will allow for open rolling enrollment, so an enrollee can join the program and start anytime. New enrollments for the Hybrid Dating Coaching Program will end when we resume our live classes. So enrollment for this program is limited.

If you have questions, please ask.

Chris Luna
Craft of Charisma
(Founder / CEO / Head Dating Coach)

Contact us NOW to learn more about this program, and how we can help you reach your dating and relationship goals!

Read Craft of Charisma’s sales and attendance policy.

* For this those enrolled in the 12 month hybrid program, we’re also offering discounts when they purchase additional phone coaching, 1on1 coaching, or additional bootcamps or retreats while in the program. Contact us for details.



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