Day Dating Program 101


Craft of Charisma’s Day Dating Program is a 5 week dating bootcamp for men on approaching women during the day with live infield coaching on the streets of New York City.

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The Day Dating Program is a five week program designed to give you the foundations and flexibility to meet women throughout your daily life. During this program, a Craft of Charisma dating coach will take you on to the streets to teach you how to meet, emotionally connect, and set up dates with, the women that you normally pass throughout your daily life.

How to Dating Dating Program 101 is capped at 4 people, and will take place in New York City (with the location given after registration). The classes will be held on five consecutive Sunday’s from 11am – 3pm. Sessions include live infield practice on the Streets of New York City (dress well but comfortable).

Contact: or call (646) 552-1116 (Office open Mon. through Fri. 8am to 8pm E.S.T.)