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Craft of Charisma’s Mentor Program is a year long program designed to help men get the tools to thrive as they meet and connect with women.



In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus the king of Ithaca, knew that he had to leave his home and family to go off to Troy to fight the Trojan War. His son Telemachus was young, and Odysseus recognized that every young man, including his son, needs male guidance and support. Odysseus chose a friend, Mentor, to help guide his son Telemachus through life and to help him make the transition into manhood. It’s from this story that we get the word “mentor”.

For many of the men who take Craft of Charisma programs, they’re looking for their own “Mentor” into manhood, especially around topics like dating and relationships. Often, the students who take our programs are the oldest child, or oldest male child in their family. If they’re the youngest, there is often a large gap between their age and the age of their siblings. Many of our clients have lost their father through death or divorce or trauma. In other cases, fathers just don’t know how to help their son with their questions and challenges. So even if a father was there, he wasn’t there in the way that their son needed him to be.

In another time, voids for masculine role models were filled by grandfathers, uncles, cousins, brothers, friends and male elders. The void was filled by the community and members of the tribe. In modern society, a lot of these social support systems have broken down. At the same time, we’ve perpetuated a myth that men should be able to thrive on their own. In reality, self-sufficiency is a journey, and it needs both nurturing and a base of ongoing communal support. The ancient Greeks believed that every man is born with genius, but that is was the community’s job to nurture this unique gift. At Craft of Charisma, we believe this too.

Craft of Charisma’s 12 month Mentor Program is built upon this idea that every man needs help, support, love, and community to help him reach his goals, fulfill his potential, nurture his genius, and reach his social, dating, and relationship goals.

Our Mentor Program has two parts:

Part: One.

Group Meetings: These are bi-monthly zoom based support meetings where men will learn, share, connect, set goals, ask questions, share experiences, give support, get support, and where they will be held accountable for their commitments.

Every guy has to figure out how to solve a series of problems as he becomes a man. This process includes answering questions like: How do I break away from my parents? Who I am? What’s my identity? What skill or craft can I learn to support myself, and potentially, a family? How do I get my own space, so I can deepen friendships, and so I have the opportunity to nurture physical and emotional intimacy with potential romantic partners? How do I meet and attract a mate? How do I know if we’re compatible? What do I need to do, who do I need to be, and how do I need to show up, so she’ll stay around?

Manhood isn’t limited to these questions. There are questions every boy will have before these challenges, and there are questions every man will have after. But at Craft of Charisma, we focus on this section of a man’s journey, which we often describe as the 5 phases of men’s dating development:

Phase 1: Self Development, Health, and Wellness – our relationships are only as healthy as we are, so it’s important for every man to get, and be, healthy. This includes improving and maintaining our physical, emotional, psychological, financial, social and spiritual health. Health and wellness includes a focus on healing, nurturing a whole and healthy man, curiosity and inquiry, growth, and accountability.

Phase 2: Meeting People – When we’re feeling healthy and safe, our instinct is often to expand our world and take risks. When we feel good, we’re more likely to try to new things. One of the ways we do this is by getting out of the house and meeting people, including women that we’d want to date.

Meeting people focuses on any and all the ways we meet and connect with people. This can include strategies like approaching strangers and making friends, attending events, hosting and organizing events and people, joining groups and organizations, founding groups and organizations, nurturing community, meeting friends of friends, building friendships and building community online, utilizing and optimizing social media and dating apps, etc.

It also includes specific skills like: How do I approach a stranger or group of strangers? How do I navigate a group? How do I start a conversation? What do I say? How do I keep a conversation going? How do I tell stories? How do I ask questions? How do I gain interest? How do I read and judge interest? How do I get a phone number? How do I follow up?

In addition, when meeting people, especially women, a man may have questions around body language, eye contact, fashion, dress, communication, presentation and more.

Phase 3: Romance / Seduction / Intimacy – It can be called many things, but these are the skillsets a man needs when moving a relationship towards romance. For most men, these skillsets aren’t natural — they’re learned. They include answering questions like: How do I approach a woman or get close to her? How do I navigate her friends? How do I deal with other guys — especially competitors? When and how do I move her? Or recognize she’s trying to move me? When and how do I touch? How do I build an emotional or romantic connection? How do I express romantic interest? How do I know if she’s romantically interested into me? How do I ask questions, listen for, and communicate around topics like touch, sex, and intimacy?

Essentially, phase 3 is everything involved in moving a relationship towards and into physical and emotional intimacy.

Phase 4: Relationships – Acquaintances, friends, family, lovers or potential lovers, partners; even if we struggle to define the title and type, we are in some sort of relationship with everyone we know. Some of our relationships are healthy, some aren’t, some are somewhere between, and many can be improved. When it comes to relationships, a man may ask: How do I get into a relationship? Is this a person I want a relationship with? Is my relationship healthy? How can I improve it? If it’s unhealthy, why? Is there something that I can do about that? How can I communicate more effectively to be understood? How can I ask questions, and listen, so I can better understand? How do I communicate and set boundaries? How can I better respect others boundaries? How do I express my needs and desires? How do accept love, affection, or myself? What do I do when I’m emotionally triggered? What do I do when I need space? How do I connect with and express what I’m feeling? How do I navigate relationships as they change, evolve, or die?

Phase 5: Building Partnership – Some very special relationships grow and evolve into partnerships. These can include business partnerships, marriage, partnerships in raising children and co-parenting, life partnerships, as well as financial, intellectual or even spiritual partnerships. Essentially, a partnership is when two or more people make a choice to take on some part, or multiple parts, of life together. Often, partnerships can be our most meaningful relationships. They can be a source of joy, health, love, security, and massive productivity (compared to what we may be able to do on our own). With that said, bad partnerships can be an absolute disaster financially, socially, emotionally, physically, and just about every way one can imagine. When a man enters, or is in, partnership, he asks questions that will hopefully allow him to thoughtfully enter a partnership, maintain it, work through challenges and conflicts, and grow a healthy partnership, as he grows and evolves, along side his partners, or partners.

Breakups — If there was a phase 6 in the men’s dating development journey, it would be breakups. But breakups aren’t a phase, in reality, they’re a consequence of our failure to answer the questions and solve the problems that allow us to move between phases — many of these questions are listed above. After a break up, in any phase, whether it’s approaching a woman, asking her out, moving things romantically, getting into a relationship, or building a partnership, if we fail, we end up back at Phase 1: Self Development, Health, and Wellness. During these moments, we usually have a lot of questions, and we are searching for answers. Anyone who has ever experienced a breakup, knows exactly what I’m talking about. Luckily, at Craft of Charisma we have a lot of the answers men are seeking to understand.

It’s through mentorship, nurturing, observation, trial and error, and continued growth, that we define and achieve our goals, and we build ourselves into the men that we want to be.

Part: Two.

The 12 month Online Mentor Program has a second component. That’s our Men’s Retreat Weekend. This is an annual three day in person men’s weekend intensive. The retreat focuses on creating transformation and growth through learning and connecting with ourselves, each other, a connection and a appreciation for nature, exploration of manhood, nurturing of our individual genius, as well as focus on gaining clarity and structure around our goals and purpose. Though recommended, attendance to Men’s Retreat Weekend optional.

* Travel and food are not included at the Men’s Retreat Weekend. Also, each man will be responsible for his own supplies and necessities. But our intention is to work with men to keep these costs to an absolute minimum. The Men’s Retreat Weekend addition is a $1,500 value.

The men’s retreat weekend will focus on getting men:

Emotional Support

To survive, we often have to suppress or repress memories; slights, traumas (small and large), moments of fiction, the consequences of our daily grind, as well as emotions; feelings like; anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, and even joy. We cut off parts of ourselves to function within our families, friends, communities, and the world, but this functioning isn’t thriving — and we know it. We can feel it in our bodies. And we can hear it through the reoccurring thoughts and voice within our head. Emotionally, our goal during the weekend is connect with ourselves, each other, manhood, and to heal and grow.

Technical Skills

During the men’s retreat weekend we will be doing a series of exercises designed to help men overcome blocks, pick up specific skills, grow, and deepen connections — all with the intention of making friends and having an awesome time.

The Online Mentor Program is structured with the objective of creating a sustainable system of support. It’s designed to help a man connect with himself, his goals, and to get the support he needs as he pursues his goals, especially as they relate to social, dating, and relationships.

This program has open enrollment, so a man can begin at anytime. Online meetings are scheduled the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, from 7:30pm – 9pm Eastern (NYC). All calls are optional.

*If you have scheduling constraints, or live in a time zone where you can’t make the weekly calls (and are interested in the program), please contact us, and we’ll do our best to work with you to find a solution.

Contact us NOW to learn more about this program, and how we can help you reach your goals!

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