Seduction Bootcamp 201


Two-day Dating Bootcamp for Men with infield coaching designed to teach the art of seduction.

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Do you frequently get caught in the friend zone?

The Seduction Bootcamp is designed for men who are having trouble moving their relationships with women sexually. During this two day workshop, we’ll teach you how to figure out where you’re at with a woman as well as what to do next so that you never get caught in the friend zone again.

Day 1

Session 1) Overview of Craft of Charisma’s DATE Model. The Date Model is tool that will allow you to figure out where you’re at with a women and determine what to do next.

Session 2) Live Nightlife Infield Practice I: Craft of Charisma coaches will take you out into New York nightlife scene to help you practice and apply what you have learned.

Day 2

Session 3) Nightlife Review: We will review the previous night’s infield session, answer questions, and work through/role-play the various scenarios.

Session 4) Social Dynamics – Navigation of People: If you want to move a relationship intimately, you need to understand how to navigate a group of people to get a woman alone. In this session, we’ll teach you the steps to do this.

Session 5) Area – Navigation of Location: Generally women don’t feel comfortable being intimate (physically or emotionally) with a man they just met in a public area. To move a seduction forward you must know how to consensually move a woman into a private area. In this session we’ll teach you how this process works.

Session 6) Touch – Navigation of Space and Physical Contact: In you want to kiss a woman, and eventually to have sex with her, you have to know both how to get close and how to touch her. In this session we will teach you specific steps that will enable you to do both.

Session 7) Emotions – Navigation of Feelings: If you want to have sex with a woman, there is nothing more important than how a she feels when she’s around you. Most people think that this emotional chemistry is instinctive and as a consequence, it should happen naturally. But in truth it is carefully nurtured. Emotional chemistry can be broken down into a mixture of three essential emotions. In this session we’ll teach you what these emotions are, as well as how to nurture, test, and use them.

Session 8) Making Things SEXUAL: At Craft of Charisma SEXUAL is a step by step process that will move you from your first kiss with a woman to sex. In this session we’ll teach you what that process is and how to utilize it.

Session 9) Live Nightlife Infield Practice II: Craft of Charisma coaches will take you out into the New York Night life scene, and help you practice and apply what you learned in the day’s workshop.

Upcoming Programs:

Date: June 10th and 11th, 2016
Time: Friday night, all day Saturday
Location: Given after registration
Price: $1,500

The Seduction Bootcamp is a 201 level class and is capped at 8 people. The focus of the bootcamp is on both the components of seduction as well as physical escalation. If you register for this bootcamp, it is expected that you feel comfortable and confident approaching women, and going on dates. The program will take place in Manhattan (with the location given after registration). The classes will be held on Friday from 7 pm to midnight and Saturday from 2 pm to midnight. Both sessions include live infield practice so bring your I.D. and be dressed for club entrance (collared shirt/no sneakers).

Contact: or call (646) 552-1116 (Office open Mon. through Fri. 8am to 8pm E.S.T.)