How to Meet Women


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In this workshop, we will introduce you to the essential foundations you’ll need to learn if you’re serious about having a successful dating and sex life.

Some of the things that we’ll cover in this workshop include:

  • What to say to start a conversation with an attractive woman
  • How to make the right first impression
  • How to approach a beautiful woman by herself
  • How to approach a beautiful woman who is with a group of her friends
  • What to say to keep the conversation going
  • How to navigate group dynamics (including both her friends as well as male competition)
  • How to create an emotional connection with a woman so that she’ll want to see you again.

Because this class in interactive registrations are capped at 8 people. 

For questions contact: or call (646) 552-1116 (Office open Mon. through Fri. 8am to 8pm E.S.T.)