Favorite Success Story #1

My dating skills have improved dramatically! Before the Dating Mastery Program, I never thought I would have the ability to see a woman I desired, and then have the ability to approach her and start a conversation. Now I can do it anytime and in any situation. Which I will warn you, leads to a lot of dates : ) Having this new ability makes me feel more confident. Where I used to be tense, I’m now relaxed and at ease with myself. That alone has drastically improved the quality of my life. There is a bonus here, which most people probably haven’t considered. These skill-sets can be used for a lot more then meeting, dating, and starting relationships with women. They apply to all human interactions. This is really just social skills. I’ve taken what I’ve learned, and I’m now using it to network and start a business. The Dating Mastery Program is the best investment I’ve ever made. Every day it continues to pay for itself. Whatever it takes, sell your car, take out a loan, get a second job. Just find a way to do it! It will change your life; it has definitely changed mine.

Favorite Success Story #2
Chris has helped me become the social person I have always wanted to be. The course teaches you skills way beyond dating skills. I have learned to be more confident in all aspects of my life. Just recently I got 1 out of 400 positions in one of the nation’s top companies, to which over 70,000 people applied for. I have been dating an amazing girl that has all the qualities I’ve always looked for. The mastery program has truly changed my life.


Favorite Success Story #3
This is a life-changing program. Not only does it significantly improve your social skills with the ladies, it also applies the same principles to your family, business and personal life. Chris is one most knowledgable professionals on the subject on social skills. He teaches the theory, he practices role-play in class and takes you out to the field for real application of the skills just learned. To add to that, he is also a great human being and cares about his students. It is one of the most challenging programs you will take and the payout is priceless. The classes also teaches teamwork, we all help each other get better and help each other in the field. It will change your life, it changed mine.


Favorite Success Story #4
Before taking the mastery class, my beliefs were limited. I never thought it would ever be possible to make out with a girl in a club and/or even take her home the same night. However, during the ten weeks, all my beliefs changed because it actually happened to me. Chris’s teaching and guidance is like no other, he really cares about his students. He’ll observe you and give you the right feedback that will get you results. The program has also allowed me to build better relationships at work as well as expand my social circle. The mastery program is an investment that will change your life forever and that is priceless.


Favorite Success Story #5
I came to see Chris about a year and a half ago. At the time, my social skills left a lot to be desired. Everything I had been doing up until that point simply wasn’t working, so I put my faith in him and his system. Leaving it to the experts was the best thing I ever did. In a short period of time I made immeasurable gains! Anxieties started to fall away and many myths were also debunked. Chris always put me in situations where I could succeed. I learned leadership skills that have helped me both socially and professionally. People closest to me have definitely noticed the difference. Recently, I went to a bar with a few people from work, and a couple of female colleagues commented on how smooth I was with a young lady waiting in line to use the bathroom. I’ve never been called smooth in my life, but that’s a testament of the work I had done with Chris. I have become the person I always wanted to be. My true personality is finally shining through and I’m now in a position to choose the people I want to have in my life. – Art


Favorite Success Story #6
I started interning for Chris when his company was in its infancy. Back then it was all heart and hustle. Through long long nights Chris maintained a steadfast commitment to his students. Now Craft of Charisma has blossomed. It is amazing to see former clients become teachers, to see people shatter limiting beliefs and achieve things they never imagined. This organization is a small gem stuffed with miracle workers. Thanks for everything! – Miles


Favorite Success Story #7
I took part in an intro class that was offered as part of a seminar, so I only went out with Chris for one night, and not even very long, but I was able to achieve amazing results. Chris gave me specific and applicable advice on my approaches with women to be more engaging and interesting, and also provided progressive improvements I could make, rather than overwhelming me with a whole set of behaviors. Each approach was better than the last, and within an hour I was comfortably flirting and moving from group to group. I overcame one of my biggest hurdles — breaking the border of interesting conversation to actually having a girl attracted to me. Having worked briefly with some other programs, I can say this one definitely provides the most personal, in-depth, and targeted training. I was treated with respect while still being pushed to break out of my comfort zone, and I am signing up for the classes ASAP. Highly recommended if you’re looking to improve your dating or others aspects of your social life.


Favorite Success Story #8
Awesome self-development course, I’m glad I was able to man up and take it. There’s no other program like this in the city. For those who are serious about getting their social life handled, the ten-week course will produce lasting positive change in your interactions. The coaches place an emphasis on you conveying the good parts of your personality, and help you get rid of the stuff holding you back. Practice is structured so that bad habits are dropped, and effective good habits are created (while meeting awesome women in the process!). Coaches provides solutions for the problems you know you have in your social interactions, and more importantly, point out the problems you DON’T KNOW YOU HAVE. Then they fix those too! Woman alway’s say the want guys to “be themselves.” Well, the only way to really “be yourself” around women is to realize how awesome you are, and develop the ability to convey your awesomeness. That’s exactly what this course teaches!


Favorite Success Story #9
I recently went through a three-month program with Chris and the staff of Craft of Charisma. The only way to describe the experience would be “life-changing.” I came to Craft of Charisma as a shy person looking to improve both my social skills and self-esteem. I had difficulty interacting with others in even the simplest situations. Everyone else seemed to be out enjoying life and I felt like I was living in a prison. Through the coaches’ instruction, patience and feedback, I was able to change all my old patterns of social anxiety as well as my limiting beliefs. Now everything has changed: the way I breathe, walk, talk, stand, think, and most importantly the way I feel about life!!!!! Thank you Craft of Charisma for teaching me the strategies for successful social interaction, improving my self-esteem, and showing me that the prison I thought I was living in never really existed. -TC


Favorite Success Story #10
I read somewhere that something like 80% of success in life is dependent on social skills. I went into the three-month program thinking that if I could improve 10% it would be well worth it over the course of a lifetime. I’d say I’m 100% more confident approaching girls, strangers, store clerks, whomever! My friends say they can see a positive change. The true measure of how effective it is… is that I don’t think about it when I go out now. I remember one time, a long time ago, I went to a bar because this girl called me to go come meet her and a friend of mine. She was a girl I really liked. And I got to the bar and had so much anxiety about just going in I couldn’t do it. I drove home and left. Now a buddy calls me to go wherever and I don’t hesitate. It’s easy. And I always have fun, I always meet someone. Now I feel like I have this little toolbox in the back of my head. I think, “Man, I’d really like to get her number,” and now I know exactly how to go about it. Or “Man, I’d really like to physically escalate this” — done. I could go on and on. If you have a certain amount of social anxiety, or problems meeting new people I really really recommend this. Definitely check it out. Its also, HANDS DOWN the best value for anything like this out there.


Favorite Success Story #11
Chris was very helpful and supportive. He gave me insight into making small adjustments to day-to-day life activities that were blocking me from successfully interacting with people. I have been able to use these strategies to improve my social skills and build solid relationships with people.

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