• Alex

    On Friday it was a very good class! We summarized the stuff all we learnt before.
    We couldn’t get into to Hotel Chantelle. So me, Subrah and Jason went to the Silo club at west village. Subrah met the girls from the Friday before. So we danced I made couple approaches, then went to beer garden chatted to some guys and girls there. When beer garden closed I went to brass monkey, chatted to some guys and girls then Subrha came and yes he was on fire in bars too. I hanged out with some girls then we left.

    On Saturday we started from a meetup event with Jason, Paul and Kairu (COC interns). Jason was doing very well! I met a interesting girl so I was moving her everywhere then she felt like I don’t like her too much or smth else happened so she left. Then we left Jason and went to Sky rooftop! That was awesome! I started with chatting with some girls in the line. One of them had a birthday that night. So in club I told everybody I came for her bday party. I made friends with several group girls and guys. Then I approched a group of guys and girls and asked Paul to screen guys to get a # from the cute Spanish girl which I did well and Paul helped me well too.
    At the corner I met a huge girls wedding party so I started hanging out with them. They were playing some club games so I joined them and involved Paul and Kairu. Then the guys left. I introduced girls to the other girls I met before, so they started hanging out together and of course with me. Then with one of the girls I went to smoking area I was hugging her and talking to her, she was keep talking about her bf which I didn’t care much) Then we went to a bathroom in line I met a cute girl from Mexico, she was her friends. We liked each other very fast. But I couldn’t isolate her from her friends and they didn’t want to move to meet the guys I was hanging out with. Ok, I left her with friends and went back to the wedding party, so I was hanging out with the girls made some cool pics, danced. Then I went downstairs and moved the group with the Mexican girl to introduce her to my friends. As soon as she saw them she started out making out with me right in front of everybody. People were shocked. Then I moved them to introduce to another group. So I was making out with her, but I couldn’t isolate her from her friends, of I went to dance and met a Russian chick that I saw in smoking area. She was dancing I came to talk and dance with her. Then I said wait me here so I moved to the Mexican girl and started making out with her in front of the Russian chick. Couldn’t isolate her from friends again, so I went back to dance with the Russian chick as soon as I came back she started making out with me on the dance floor. The Mexican girl disappeared after that show. The Russian girl said save my # we must hang out, so I got her #, texted her on Sun and met her for dinner on Mon. On my way back to NJ I opened a cute girl from Spain, got her #, and maybe meet her on Fri. Saturday was very good for me.

    On Sunday I went to a bar in NJ where Subrah introduced me to his friends. It was very fun and very open minded crowd. They were a bit old for me so I was hitting on a girl who was working as a barmen there. Subrah was helping me a lot! 🙂 Sunday wasn’t that much successful as Saturday but I was having fun which was one of the main lessons I learnt at the class!

    It was a great course!!! Big Thanks to Chris and all the guys who were participating! See you all in field!


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