• Alex

    The goal of the class was to use the techniques to kiss a girl.
    On Friday I honestly tried to use we learnt in field but it happened that I kissed a girl without it. On Saturday I did it with the stuff we practiced. Worked very well!

    Friday was fun. We went to 230 first. It wasn’t full yet. So I chatted with everybody around, some couple from France, asian ladies. And it was very natural and not awkward at all.
    Then we moved to another bar. It was loud lots of people with high energy. I started approaching as soon as we got in. Then we talked to another group. Then at dance place I tried the technique, that looked fun) Then started to get stocked into opening. Usually it’s easy I didn’t even use openers. There it was the key, opener and storytelling. I went downstairs bought a beer. While I was sitting and chatting with some random guys a girl sat next to me and in 2 minutes we started making out. Then she disappeared somehow. I went back upstairs. Me and Evan opened a set of 10) I sat next to a cute girl, chatted to her and got her #, then left.

    Saturday was more fun. I went to an event to Phil & Co.
    From the last Saturday I became a friend with the organizer. So all the sets I opened it was men, women I introduced to him to the other guys I met before) I started with a set of 2 cute asian girls, the guy who helped me later. He had a good game so conversation part was very easy. Then I told them “lets go check out the pictures” (moved because the guy could talk forever). So I moved 4 us to a picture place introduced all of them to a girl who made the drawings. She was soo cute. So I offer her to go get drinks. She agreed even though her bf was there) I got her a drink, she became more fun. Then I chatted to other groups. Picked up the # from the asian girls. It’s funny that they asked my #. When the F ashen show started it was sitting me, the girl I bought a drink and her bf. We were chatting having fun. She made a foto and sent me her pic. Then I moved to another sets, made more friends and introduced everybody to her and to the organizer. An friendly asian girl, cool big guy.. Lot’s of fun. Then I opened a group of 4 girls and immediately isolated one of them, we got some drinks. In 5 minutes I was making out with her right in the middle of the club 🙂 Then we were dancing, with her, with her friends…. with a picture girl) . Couldn’t move her away from friends so I got the # and they left. Then the organizer tried to impress some girls and bought a bottle (which I don’t think was smart). I got a little bit drunk. I hang out a little bit and went home at 3 am. Crazy Saturday)

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