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    Hey guys, it’s been a few years since I’ve taken Chris’s class and I’ve noticed a lot of progress. I feel pretty comfortable with his date model and I’m noticing my emotional intelligence has gotten a lot better and continues to get better. Signs that girls give off are becoming pretty clear to me. And I’ve seen a pretty wide range of situations, so once I see them, I’m able to handle them and overcome any obstacles they may bring next time. What I also notice is that the girls I date are progressively cuter and there are more of them since a couple years ago. I think it’s a combination of becoming older and more accomplished along with becoming more emotionally intelligent as well as more confident and comfortable in my skin after having dealt with a lot of thing that used to give me anxiety or that made me feel insecure before taking the class. With that said, I’m starting to notice attraction from girls that I am extremely attracted to physically (personality-wise is not always the same but that’s a whole other conversation). Personally, I don’t like to rate girls, but to give it context I would say they are 8’s, 9’s and close to 10’s. However, things work out with these girls very inconsistently, which is ok. Maybe it’s the level of attraction (or comfort) that they have for me. I know Chris has said in his class that there is no difference in courting a girl who is gorgeous and a girl who you think is a bit more average looking. The same rules apply. The girl who most consider better looking simply has more options to choose from. I firmly agree with it, but I want to explore what things I can control in make situations work out more with these kinds of girls. The one thing I have noticed is sometimes I get pessimistic when I find myself in these situations (because they do not consistently work out currently), which can definitely contribute to these situations not working out. Can anyone contribute something from their personal experience to situations like mine? Are there certain things you can control to make them work out more of the time? Are there other things that people may think matter but that are really out of my control. This is actually pretty open, and I’d love to hear other people’s input. Thanks!

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