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    Hey guys! So this is my first time taking the dating mastery program for the spring. Also my first time writing on here. I just recently finished week 3 but week 1 wasn’t so bad at first. Figured i’d do a quick recap. When week 1 started out Chris first asked each one of us to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about ourselves. After he talks about what we’ll be focusing on in the mastery program. Later after the lecture we do some role play with basics on how to introduce ourselves properly and Evan shows us a little demonstration on how breaking a group actually looks like for the first time. We later that night go infield and go to ps1. Tons of people there! Its crazy how so much more people come out in the spring and summer. When we all get there I get an uneasy feeling of anxiety. Took some time to sink in and start approaching. I cant remember all the sets I’ve approached but I remember one of my fist was with these two asian girls. Started out great, but then I wasn’t sure on how to lead the convo so it ended. They seemed pretty receptive though, so it was all good! haha! Approached another set of these to European girls. One was from the Netherlands and the other I forget but her name was Margareth. They seemed very receptive and didn’t mind talking plus they were pretty cute. I think it lasted about 15 min in total. Ended up getting their number but then nothing ever really happened after that. I don’t know what happened maybe my text was too long. Should’ve simplified it. Anyways they were fun to talk too. Another set I approached of two girls I approached was okay but felt like I could’ve done more. One was receptive and the other was kind of exhausted from work and didn’t talk much but lasted a good time. Overall it wasn’t bad for the first night.

    Now for my week 2 experience! When class first started we were talking a bit then started to work on storytelling(my first time). Was thinking this might take me some time to get used to. So after trying to figure out a story for my self I end up agreeing on using Evans story for now. Unfortunately later that night we couldn’t get in 230th, forget the name haha! I guess my nice looking shoes weren’t good enough for me to get in so we all end up going to beer garden. ALOT of people! Most of the approaches were obnoxious rejections since I guess there was alot of guys around but I ended up with a couple of good sets so i’ll mention those only. The first set was with these 3 girls. They seemed pretty receptive and didn’t mind talking. Evan came in to help and we all decided to play some ping pong or foosball. Was hard to actually get a turn since so many people were there, so we naturally drifted apart from the girls. Another set I approached was a challenge by Rob. 2 pretty hot girls sitting next to each other laughing like crazy. I approached and Paul helps me out and it was going good at first then it died out after a few min or so. I think if it went well I could’ve gotten a number. Anyways I was exhausted after approaching 6 or 7 sets so I called it a night. I gotta say I think I did improve on my touching so I was satisfied.

    Finally week 3! This class we did roleplay on mainly storytelling but also a bit of how to break a group. Later on I split from the class. I go with Rob and these 2 girls Chris introduced us to, Lenny and Michelle to webster hall for the first time.Very interesting place. They have like 3 floors with different types of music. I didn’t really approach much that night but me, Rob and the girls end up talking alot and having a good time. We go to the bar to get us some drinks. We hit the dance floor and most of the time we were dancing. Was actually a fun night even though we lost each other 3 or 4 times, possibly more haha!


    Doing good Eric. You definitely appear to have a good amount of confidence with approaching people which is a major hurdle for a lot of people. You might need to sexify yourself a little more for the ladies and maybe add a little more energy to the conversations. Overall, I’d say you’re making great progress.

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