• Evan

    ok. have not been going out for a while. trying to get back in the 2x a week habit.

    started last night going out with matt. after talking over a beer at crown vic, we headed to freehold. unfortunately because of the impending hurricaine (?) not many people were out. the vibe of the place was totally different than other nights i had been there – tottally loungy, where mostly big groups of friends were eating. we just hung out for a bit by the bar. i opened a set there as they were leaving of two beautiful girls (just asking how long they had been there for) they were super receptive, but actually left after like a minute to go smoke. i opened one more set of 2 at the bar just saying ‘hi’ – we spoke for a bit, but there was mutual disinterest after a few minutes. after this, we decided to move on.

    we walked south to the woods – and since it was a dull night, we didn’t have to pay to get in. the slow start made approaching pretty difficult, but we ran into matt’s neighbor. we spoke to him and his wife for a bit and eventual, he bought all of us pickleback shots. we spoke to their german friends for a while and then bounced. after not approahcing for about 10 minutes, matt, who had been up since 5 that morning decided to head home (it was about 1230 or so). i decided to stay for a bit alone and see what more i could do.

    this was sort of a big thing for me – somewhat embarrassingly, i’ve never really been out trying to approach alone before. to try to get into a more social mood, i went outside for a bit and talked to some guys there. eventually a girl came up to us and spoke for a bit. went back inside to the bathroom – when washing my hands i spoke to a girl who was next to me about the song that was playing. we kept talking for a while as we moved away from the sink. eventually i moved her to get a drink… which she wound up buying for me. she seemed really interested and i started to move closer / touch more, but at a certain point, she told me she had a husband who was there.. who i actually met a bit later… weird.

    then i think i made a few dance floor approaches and headed home around 215.

    so, overall, not the best night, but a pretty fun night overall. i wasn’t really inserting myself into sets – really was just taking what sort of came up in front of me. so, i need to get past that and start aggressively moving in. other lessons i think are to start approaching immediately in the venue and to minimize time between sets so as to not lose momentum. probably going out tonight as well, so we’ll see what happens.

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