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    What do you guys think about girls paying for guys on dates?

    I’m asking because I just had a friend move to the city from the south. He’s been trying to make it as a music video director, so naturally he’s not making a lot of money. However, through tinder, he met this girl who does finance who actually makes a lot of money and she’s been taking him out to nice restaurants. He feels really weird about this though, because he thinks it’s guys duty to pay in dating. What do you think?

    Possible further discussion points here:
    – have you ever been on a date where paying was awkward?
    – have you ever met someone on tinder?
    – are expensive dates better than cheap dates?


    I’ve updated this to make it more specific:

    Do you guys think girls should ever pay for guys on dates?

    I have this friend Sawyer, who is actually a really cool guy — we were high school friends but then he went to college in seattle where he was really into climbing mountains, but he just moved to the city to pursue a career making music videos. He was just telling me today about an o.k. cupid date he had where he went to a bar in the east village to get drinks. When their drinks came, she insisted on paying for it. When he probed her about why, she said it was because she was in finance and was sure that she made more money than him. Do you think the person who makes more money should pay?

    Do you think chivalry is still relevant – or is it sexist?

    Do you guys think spending money helps a date?

    What do you think about activity dates? – where you do an activity together instead of going out for drinks.


    Actually I sort of like the opening question “Do you think Chivalry is dead?”

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