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    Halloween night was great. Going out on fridays always requires a bit of a transition for me. Something about gonig straight from work to going out means really switchign mood and mindset. The last week, I had noted that momentum was an issue, so, I was really determined to start talking to people immediately tonight.

    We went out on the subway. On the subway, Alex was already on fire – opening up sets, cracking jokes and getting girls numbers. To get warmed up, I asked a few people (who i wasn’t even really interested in) if they were going to the parade, and chatted to them a bit about costumes. I continued this as we left the subway and walked out to the street – just havint 20 second chats with people about their costumes. This got me in a good mindset to actually start approaching. We went into a bar which was actually pretty dry. Alex opened up a set and I went in to wing him. He was really touching a lot and it was encouraging – it reminded me of how much you have to touch and move in order to progress things. I just had a few minute long chat with the girl I was talking with. After a bit here, we left the bar and went back to the street. I probably did 2 street approaches. Alex did 2 or 3 (we had lost the rest of the group here – i think they had gone to fat cat). Street approaches were easier than ever. I two that went well. We chatted for a while. Unfortunately, my phone had died. I gave one girl my phone number. The other one I was actually hugging a lot and things could have gone well, but i was pretty paralyzed by having a dead phone and the night being sort of early still. We wound up meeting the other guys at fat cat.

    Heading into fat cat, I immediately saw a girl dressed up as an x-men character who was incredibly hot. Her friend was waldo. So, I opened up the friend saying “I found you”. She must have been tired of being opened that way at that point in the night : ). Still, it led to a conversation as I tried to figure out what x-men character the really attractive girl was. We chatted for a bit, sitting at a table, me accross from the target. AFter talking longer, I didn’t know how to move them, so I left. I instantly felt bad about not trying to move them/leaving early and not introducign them to my friends. Espectially since there weren’t really other sets there. After a few minutes, we decided to head out, to 230 fifth was the plan. But leaving, I tried to reopen them. We talked a little longer, and alex even got her friend away so it was just the two of us at the table. Still, I didn’t know what to do, and it seemed like she was annoyed with out conversation, so I headed out.

    At this point, the other guys had already left. Alex and I decided we would walk around a bit since street approaches had been going really well for us. Alex approached 2 girls on the street. I jumped in on the friend and took her by the hand introducign my self. I was instantly really touchy – I held her hand for a little longer than normal. I gave her a lot of hugs. She was clearly dressed in a way trying to look sexy (like a nun) and I commented on it. At one point, we were even against a wall of a building with my back to it , holding both her hands. I looked over at alex and he was already making out with his girl. The girl I was talking to seemed sort of schocked by this and backed up from me a bit. I suggested we all go get a drink at a nearby bar and led them (lik 14th street and 6 ave ish).

    In the bar, i was going to get the girl I was talking to a drink, but her friend bought one for her. We talk a little longer, but honestly its really loud. On top of that, I really think we have nothing in common. Still, I’m touching her a lot – so I just try to kiss her. She doesn’t let me – turning her cheek. I chuckle and say “so, you know I’m going to try to do that again in a few minutes”. She chuckles a little at this. Still, she’s being really shitty, looking at her phone at stuff and being innattentive. I decide to do some more approaches in the bar – figuring at the time that alex might not need me to help with his closing since his girl is pretty ok with making out in front of her friends.

    I approach 2 more sets. The second is an itallian girl who’s dressed up as a rapper. WE talk about what rapper we would be if we could be any. I’m touching a lot more at this point and I actually move her around a lot. Still another guy in her group pulls her away, but I’m introduced to her swiss friend. We talk for a while. I wind up getting hte two of us drinks (so that I can move her.) I move her back to where we were standing before. I’m touchign a fair amount, but struggling to move to intimate level. AFter about 15 minutes, I move us to the dance floor, we dance a bit, talk for another 15 minutes. They say they’re heading to a differnet party though. They ask if I want to come, but I’d rather catch up with hte other guys. I give my number to them (since my phone is dead).

    It’s actually pretty late at this point – like 12 or so. Since my phone is dead I was worried about going to 230 fifth and not being able to get in, so I headed home to charge my phone and then call some friends. I wound up at a party in deep bushwick where I did a number of approaches, but didn’t manage to really escalate.


    I agree with you about the mindset shift from work to going out. If I’m on the computer working for a long period of time and not talking, I find myself getting more and more antisocial. But it’s great that you were able to transition quickly by making small talk on the subway. I’ve found that the earlier you get social, the easier the rest of the night goes.

    It sounds like you had a great night overall.

    How’s the party scene in Brooklyn? Tbh I’ve never gone out there (or Queens) but I hear it’s good.

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