• jason

    missed class last week due to work so in class Chris had me work on the basics. Rob and Evan were a great help. At this point my only goal is to approach consistently which something I have been poor at. We went to ace hotel which was really nice. I did about three approaches which Im happy about. The interactions were all flat and went nowhere but again I’m working on the basics and Im just happy I approached.

    Due to missing some classes Chris didn’t want me to fall behind and invited me to the approach anxiety bootcamp which I really appreciated. Chris did a great job getting me up to speed and helped clarify a lot. The other guys in the bootcamp were really cool and after spending all day together we were ready to go out. I approached about five times that night. Some went well others not so much. Again right now all Im focused on is approaching. I ended up getting a number from a woman after about ten minutes of conversation. We have been texting the past couple of days and have plans to meet up on Sunday.

    All in all it was an extremely valuable weekend and I have a new motivation for the last remaining classes.

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