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    Class was about building social proof for your wingman by talking about how awesome he is as your wing is joining the set. This creates value/attraction, making it easier for him to keep the other girls engaged while you isolate the girl you want.

    We also practiced our approach with open ended questions and moving into a story about it. I realized I’m terrible at telling stories. I’m amazed at how some people can recall the most detailed information from their past with such vividness. Either they have an amazing memory or they’re embellishing the story with some fiction.

    But this is definitely something I need to work on. For example, if someone were to say “Tell me about your day”. I’d respond with, “I woke up, went to work, went to the gym after work, and went to bed.” I know that’s short and boring, with a lot of details missing but I don’t try to put effort in recalling those details because I think they’re extra/optional/not necessary to answer the question. So this is a “room for improvement” area which I’ll be working on this week.

    This week’s in field was pretty sad, haha. I approached 2-3 sets before I got in my head and stopped approaching for a good portion of the night. I have a good idea as to what made me tense up and will address it so it won’t happen again. There was a 3 set who were looking out the window at something. I came up and asked what they were looking at and started talking with them. Peter came in to wing one and I talked to the other two. Eventually Phillipe came in and I introduced him to the girls. It was funny because when he came up to me, I didn’t recognize him at first so I was all “WHO IS THIS STRANGE GUY TOUCHING ME?!”.

    I headed back around 1am and felt kind of bad with my performance so I went to a 24 hour grocery store and started talking to some people inside. At the checkout, had a somewhat lengthy conversation with the cashier about how her night’s going and told her how I used to work night shift at a previous job. As I left the store, I saw a girl sitting on a bench with her small dog. I approached her and tried to ask her what kind of dog she said. I never saw a girl physically retract before, but it was a first. I think it was a mix of her being alone at 2 am in the morning and me directly walking up to her, probably with chocolate on my face as I was eating a chocolate danish, asking about her dog. So yeah, interesting night 🙂

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