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    On Friday after drilling we went to the Beer garden which was a whole new experience for me. First set I approached was a set of 2 women. I was somewhat interested with one woman the Blonde – Kate and the other woman Nikky was African American.

    I used the travelling alone opener which worked great because both of them have done it before. Evan Joined the set, and I wasn’t really sure about about Kate so i went back and forth between her and Nikky. The conversation about Nikky ended up being about work an she put me thru a test about Online Marketing strategies. I could see she was just not interested at she kept rolling her eyes at Evan and I. It got to a point that I just wanted to get away from Nikky so I remember Kate mentioning she traveled to Australia and as Billy was passing by I pulled him in and introduced her to him and told her that Billy was from Australia. While that was going on she completely turned around and once Billy left I was able to isolate her. I moved a few steps behind Nikky and Kate followed and I was able to engage.

    Stayed in set with Kate all night, at one point Nikky left the bar and I thought she would pull Kate but Kate stuck around.

    Once again I noticed my tendency to want to leave the set: A lack of commitment that shows up the minute I feel I’ve lost connection with a women, instead of getting back the connection am thinking to myself time to exist.

    But I didn’t pull out of this one. In week one I found myself pulling out of conversations way to quickly. This happened a few time with Kate, but since she wasn’t leaving I decided to stick it through see how far things can go.

    Moving her around was created different energies and she would talk about different things.
    Moved her to the tap beer section and she spoke about the beers she was really into and this kept her talking for a while. After a while there we ended up in the game room and played a game of Foosball with some guys, we lost horribly.

    At this point I told her that I liked and that would she should give me her number so that we could hang out. As we were walking to through the restaurants Kissed her and she mention that I moving way too fast

    After that we went to Brass Monkey and the transition to a noisier place was just too much and I couldn’t even get myself to open.

    After that we called it a night.

    Things I could would do different was more touching and prolonged touches. During drilling in class Chris pointed out my touches aren’t long enough.

    Schedule a date immediately rather than waiting…I followed up with her on Sunday and she replied to a few texts but after asking her out for coffee she went silent haven’t heard from her since.


    Saturday made plans to meet up with Jason at an Wine & Art social. Paul and Alex were there as well. I decided to sign up last minute to a speed dating event,

    Before I got to the speed dating event I meet a woman from South Africa at Starbucks and we ended having a 20 minute conversation about everything from travelling, career changes, eating vegan. I actually find it easy to talk to women that I can geek out with over things like that but making small talk is really hard. Got her number and at this time I see her more of someone that I can hang out with nothing intimate.

    The speed dating event was a last minute decision I wanted to test out a few different things that would help me make a connection with women faster.Of the 4 women that I had match with were either the ones I asked open ended questions like “What were you like as a little girl?” or I was able to touch to them and not a hand shake but shake hand and transfer their right hand to my left hand and held it for 10 secs. Felt weird but the 2 that I did this with never pulled away.

    So far making plans to setup dates with them and there’s one woman that I am really interested in.

    After that went to going the fellows at the wine and art meetup. Not a lot was going on, but opened a set of twins that I normally wouldn’t approach but they turned out to be fun and I got their number they asked me to invite them out to more artsy events if I happen to go to any. We were making plans to go to at least one fashion week event together as one of the twins is a fashion designer.

    A little after hanging out with Jason and one of the women from the Wine and Art meetup, joined Paul at Cellar Bar. This is part of the night that I just felt hopeless. Music was really loud and barely any women around. We had fun dancing around. Later on the club got full and a lot of women especially black women who kept blowing us away. So I need to work more on club game since you can barely talk in that scenario.

    Before I left I spoke to one attractive woman that I was really intimidated to approach, took me all night just to approach her. No other guys were talking to her, the few that were talking to her it was more of a friendly body language. Felt great after talking to her, even though I wasn’t able to number close her.

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