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    Definitely not a good night for me… In fact, it may have been my worst night in the program so far. But then again, progress is not linear. I felt like I was getting a little better each of the first 5 weeks of the program, but this week I was way off.

    We started at Gansevoort but it was empty, so we bounced to the Ace Hotel. There weren’t too many available sets… I approached two different women but wasn’t that interested in either of them, so it was more to just build social momentum.

    After a short time there, we headed to the East Village, which always has a good crowd. We started at The Penny Farthing, did several approaches but nothing was hooking. Then we went to Phebe’s, and I started to get in my head too much. There were lots of girls around, but it was loud & crowded so it was making me uncomfortable. I approached one or two groups but they didn’t hook.

    By this point, all the other guys left, so it was just me and Peter. We went back to The Penny Farthing, and I did a couple of approaches but was getting more awkward for some reason. Having a drink worked well last week, so I decided to experiment with that again. By this point, it was almost 1AM, so I figured it would give me a boost for the next hour. It kicked in fast, since I hadn’t eaten in hours, and I was approaching a lot more, but it didn’t help with the interactions.

    By 2AM, I got tired of getting rejected so I headed out. When I left, Peter was talking with a cute blond girl, and they seemed to be hitting it off pretty well.


    I know you think it wasn’t your best night but I think you did pretty well considering looking back at your first night, even compared to one of your down nights you are still way better. And yeah for sure the progress I’ve seen in myself is definitely not linear. I’ve been getting this idea in my head: that I am putting pressure on myself to perform better and better each time. Eventually you hit a plateau. Nobody is perfect, so you should expect to have down nights. It’s all in the process. The best thing to do is learn from your mistakes. And the only thing holding you back the other night was all in your energy. I know it’s tough to get in a high energy state when the first few sets are rejections, it can end up a downward spiral. Then you’d be less motivated for the next set and more likely to be rejected and so on. You just have to push the last set past you and start fresh sometimes.

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