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    During week 4 we were tasked to interview our partner to learn important facts about each other and also to practice improvised talking techniques. My partner in this exercise was john.
    I learned John is a medical school student, with the goal of becoming an oncologist. What turned john onto the idea of oncology was the fact that one of his members of his family plammed on opening up an oncology center. Currently he goes to NYU and plans on going to do vocation somewhere on the east coast. He should be doing that around 2016.
    I learned from this exercise that improvisement with a friend is easy and provides fun practice. Doing so with a complete stranger is another story because of all of the uncontrollable factors present, such as her feeling,interest level and relationship status. I learned that keeping the conversation going and interesting is important. Silence is deadly and will give her the chance to have an excuse to leave you. Also going out and doing stuff is a must for conversation.

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