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    Hey can Chris or someone talk about online dating? For me online dating is ok. I can definitely meet a lot of girls. However, the quality of the girls can definitely be improved upon. I am not very good with social media, and my profile can be improved upon massively. I know the quality of girls ultimately comes down to how much attraction and comfort is generated through your profile and subsequent conversation. I was hoping this can be a post where people can share what works for them or what doesn’t work for them (with ways to experiment on how to get around those obstacles). This topic is so wide open and can be taken in so many directions, so I’m going to ask a lot of questions.
    What should be included in the text content of a profile?
    What kinds of pictures should be included?
    I know activities in pictures are great. Can you please give examples of some?
    Can pictures include other people? Can they include girls?
    How zoomed in or out can the pictures be?
    Chris is really good with spotting something throughout his day and taking a picture with it. I am not lol. What are situations or circumstances that we should be looking for?
    Many girls initially ignore conversations. What is the best way to start conversations?
    What are good topics to talk about? Chris has told me to play the question game which builds a lot of comfort. Chris, are there any tips you can give about the question game?
    Which apps are better for people?
    In my experience girls I’ve met online need me to text them more than girls I meet in person. How often should we be texting girls once we get their number from the app?

    If anyone has any more questions or answers, please feel free to post!


    I’ve had some success on okcupid, but overall don’t feel like i’ve had a ton of success in this area.

    One resource which is mostly just interesting but occasionally useful is okcupid’s blog. I thought this article was pretty cool. It’s called “don’t be ugly by accident” which has some general (stat-based) advice on taking photos which will make you appear more or less attractive.



    I like this. So cool!!

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