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    My issue over the past couple months has been getting stuck in rapport/comfort building stage I guess you can call it. There have been a handful of times where the first approach Ive done has lasted all night. So just a quick rundown

    first date: grab drinks talk have fun three hours, she says she wants to see me again I agree. I go in for kiss and she moves away to avoid it. I try again and she backs up. done end of story

    meet women singles party spend four hours with her, talking getting to know her, we dance and touch, hold hands and I lead her throughout venue. I think things are going well. Night ends I ask for number she says no. Out of curiosity and my own learning I ask why after a whole night spent she doesn’t ever want to speak again and says Im a great guy but doesn’t see it in that way. Done next

    next women met at singles party talk talk talk, dance, light touching, back to conversation, after two hours we leave to go grab food across city, she leaves with me no hesitation, we travel across city, I go to hold hands she pulls away. i try again she pulls away. hang out for another hour walking around. night ends I get number I go in for kiss and she moves away. we ended up texting back and forth made plans to meet up and she ended up flaking next

    next women I meet grabbed number and set up date. go on date and have awesome time with her. really cool fun energetic we really hit it off. date last about 4 hours and was one of the better dates I’ve ever been on. I was unable to touch at all even though we walking most of our date. It just didn’t feel right. i started getting in my head thinking about how to escalate things and felt myself starting to act weird so i said the hell with just enjoy hanging out with her. after date she texts me saying she had an amazing time and wants to see me again. do to being busy we haven’t seen each other in two weeks. she actually presented this cool thing we were both interested in she asked if i was free next weekend I said yes and she went ahead and bought tickets for event and planned a whole date for saturday. I do like this girl and want things to progress romantically but i think she most likely just wants to be friends. Still thinking how to handle this one in progressing which is probably a bad thing

    I know these interactions have gone this way because there was no attraction or I lost it along the way.

    My question is how can I screen women better or test early to avoid spending entire night with women who aren’t attracted and when to bail on it. Even getting these women that are willing to leave with me its just a little confusing

    I know the S step in the model but can’t seem to get to that point. I feel like it would be coming out of left field. What is a good way to lead up to that step?

    Whats a good way to break rapport and create/add tension to the interaction?

    Thoughts and opinions on just coming out and saying what your intentions are or straight up asking her what hers are



    Hey man,

    You making a big deal from it. Staying to much in comfort like you told no S face stage. You gotta show almost at the beginning that she is not your buddy you are male and you approached her because she looks hot and you wanna have sex with her.

    I would recommend to move slowly, but move. Is she is not acting like a bitch I would complement her: her dress, her jewelry, then her hair, smile, eyes, body. And she will know that the guy knows what he wants and can go for it.

    I have a female friend she told me many times that me and that her and a guy were spending time together and I thought we are just friends but he suddenly tried to kiss me …

    No way say to her you are so sweet and beautiful, it seems that we made for each other like melting snow in Colorado and raising sun in LA. At least you won’t be wasting time in friend zone. If you are 100% not her type or she is supper serious about smth else. She will appreciate your guts and tell it to you without wasting your time and playing with you like a cat.


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