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    This week’s post is more of an observation of where I am currently in my dating life at the moment. After dating someone for the last 6 months I realize I am a little rusty going on dates. Until recently, I assumed that it was fine, but I realize that I am a bit rusty. I’m not doing little things on dates that are making a difference. One thing that I could be doing is that I’m not holding girls’ hands. That was an issue for me in general til fairly recently, so I need to be very conscious of it.

    Out of the several dates I’ve been on recently, I realized I wasn’t being forward enough on 2 of them. I was actually surprised because I hadn’t gotten that type of reaction from girls where they say I am very sweet but that it would be better if we were friends, so I made it an issue to be very forward on my most recent date.

    Then I went on a date last weekend and I over-corrected slightly by being a bit too forward in one or 2 of the things I said. I don’t think it messed things up for me at all, I just want to make sure to find a happy medium on this issue moving forward. When escalating with her after kissing a little bit, I continued to progress slightly past where I should have ended up. I should have also calmed her anxiety about not wanting to come back to my place on the first date (which was fine). I simply missed out on the opportunity to do that. Next time, I should have said something assuring that I would not do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. Then I could have moved to a different bar or venue and then tried again. Moving girls to a different environment to get her to feel more comfortable is another aspect of my dating life that I neglect from time to time.

    All in all, the recent dates I’ve been on have not been so bad, but I definitely should make more of an effort to hold girls hands, assure them when they feel uncomfortable, and more to a different venue when I hit any road blocks to further make them feel comfortable.

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