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    Week 10
    Friday – At the lecture part of the class Chris asked me where I was getting stuck. I said I wasn’t sure and after a series of questions, Chris easily determined which areas I still get stuck on. Maybe the key revelation for me is that although I know and understand the model Chris gave us, I need to memorize it and just be more conscious of it when I am out. Chris also discussed the importance of social alignments which I need to work on as well.

    Finally Chris offered that since the weather was horrible this winter we could join in on the May Masters class as long as we continued to blog about it and comment on other people’s post as well. Seems like a fair deal to me. Part of me is hoping I’ll have too much going on to participate, but having this going on is great in and of itself.

    After the lecture, we go to a few spots in the village. Not much going on there. Chris asked me to open a set at Sing Sing Karaoke bar. I spend a minute gaining my composure and trying to get in the right mindset. I approach and this four set was fairly friendly, but my banter and skill was still cold. Evan jumps in and saves the day.

    Later we end up at the Standard Hotel. I open a group of Filipinos having a birthday party with KL winging me. Set goes well, but didn’t gain too much attraction. Have to change my language patterns a bit. I wing GKK on a 2 set of Russians at the bar. The one I was talking to was a cold fish. I could barely gain any traction with her but the beauty of this interaction was that I knew it was her that was the cold fish, not me. I was doing my part to be funny, interesting, fun and entertaining. Had the same interaction happened at the beginning of the class, I think I would have just been beating myself up about not being able to relax her or warm her up.

    Toward end of the night a set of 4 beautiful girls walked in. I volunteered to open them as long as the the other guys promised to wing me as I wasn’t sure how long I could hold the attention of all 4 of them. “How do you feel like traveling alone?” worked like a charm. They were all engaged and into the story I was telling. The boys came in just as I finished the story. Lovely girls to talk to. Rob left the set which left me talking to two of the girls. Some RSD guy comes in and interrupts my set and reaches his hand out to my target girl. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of my set. Within 2 minutes he had FB closed her. At this point I’m a little pissed but can’t really do anything about it. In the end, I’m glad he did that so now I know what do to in the future… Just physically block him out and don’t let him take her hand. Sent a FB request to one of the girls. Let’s see if she accepts.

    I feel good about the night. Overall, I was in 5 sets. They all went fine and the last one was the best. Glad I was warming up to it all night.

    Saturday afternoon there was a pillow fight in Washington Square Park. Unfortunately, I had to miss the event. Around 8pm I went to Slate to celebrate Alex’s birthday. I wasn’t able to gain any attraction most likely because I wasn’t TTMing or giving good banter. My friend Jun showed up and we hung out for a bit.

    Was really busy at work rest of week and didn’t have much chance to play.

    At the end of 10 weeks, I can definitely say I’ve made a ton of progress from whence I began. I’ve taken big leaps and have really been willing to take more social risks. I now have a good group of wingmen I can count on and a bunch of girls that I am friends (with the potential for more if I choose). Looking forward to continue growing and learning and being part of the Craft of Charisma community.

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