• Isaac

    I had a hard time with the infield work this week. When we left the classroom, I was paired with Michael. We arrived at the Beer Garden and I could not spot a any sets to open. I feel like I’ve regressed since doing this course last time. I tried distracting myself first through going to the bar and ordering a drink and then through ordering some food, but all that time, I did not speak to anyone. Afterward, I approached to girls who were sitting and watching the ping-pong and I sat down at their table and we had a conversation for a while. I wasn’t very interested in them, so after a while I moved on.
    Outside of class, Iv’e been dealing with an issue where I’ve kinda gotten involved with 2 girls at once. I started seeing the second girl while the first was away and then didn’t end with either once the first came back. I feel like the right thing to do is to end it with one of them, and I know which one that would be, but I’ve been putting off actually having that conversation. Over this past week, I haven’t been in touch with that one girl at all, and I’m hoping that that might be enough to have the relationship ended.

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