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    During week 3 of the Dating Mastery Program we were taken to a Halloween Party at BB King’s in the city. We were all required to wear a costume, so i dressed up as a Pinstripe Pimp.I initially was hesitant of Halloween since i had not done anything on that day for years beside eat candy.
    When we got to the venue I was with Evan and Emilio. As we waited for entry to the venue we met up with some of Evan’s friends. In that group of the friends there was a Polish women there that I opened and was able to progress to getting her number. Throughout the process of talking to her I made it my duty to touch as much as possible. It started with arm touches and progressed to hugs.
    I can say that with confidence that my energy was not as high as Rob and Chris during the party. During my brief stint with rob he brought to my attention that I have to take up space and be more relaxed. I understand the relaxed part but the “Taking up more Space” part is a bit perplexing. When I approached these two Asian girls at the bar my lack of being “relaxed” was revealed to me. The girl that I was talking to seemed uptight and somewhat scared. I tried my best to touch her, as I was taught. Unfortunately that did not lead to much of anything.
    Another woman I talked to I built up a connection but was unable to close it. I touched her the appropriately and built a connection with her over the fact that I have a friend that did her profession. I didn’t ask for her phone number because I hesitated.
    I was able to get over my fear of asking for girl’s phone number in public.This was the single most decapitating hindrance to my dating life so far. I would usually be petrified with fear at talking to women in public, let alone ask for their phone numbers. I also feel I have a firm grasp upon the idea of touching while speaking, but do concede that I need to make some more improvement.

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