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    We went to the frying pan on a pier on the Hudson River waterfront. As soon as We got there, Chris pointed out two girls who were sitting alone and talking. Chris directed me to approach them and ask them about a rooftop party that Michael was going to throw. I was afraid and didn’t really know what I was going to say, but I walked right over and opened with that. Looking back, they must have been thinking that I was inviting them to a party, but I was not really speaking coherently. I was asking them what they thought about a party… and was not really making a lot of sense.  Within a minute however, Matt, my wingman came in with a classic wingman routine. The conversation shifted to where the girls were from (Italy) and we happily left the confusion of the opener behind. 
    The four of us chatted for a bit, and I suggested that I get drinks for the group. They were happy to join. After drinks, we went off to smoke and Matt and I switched girls so that I went from talking to Agnese, to talking to Camilla. After a bit, one of the girls ordered dinner and Matt and I stayed and chatted with them. I was enjoying talking to them, but it wasn’t really clear if a) I was interested in one more than the other or b) what exactly I was trying to achieve in the conversation. I got both of their phone numbers. 
    After a while, I suggested that the girls join us to go to a club in Williamsburg, but they declined  – saying that it would be too hard to get back home that night.  Matt left us to “check on chris” and I stayed with the girls. We spoke until the place started closing. The girls said they were tired and were ready to head home. I hugged them and wished them both good night and they left. I caught up with the other guys and we all left together. Matt insisted that there was one girl who was clearly more interested, but I haven’t contacted either girl since. 
    One think that I’ve noticed over the past few weeks, is that I can easily place the girls I’ve been meeting into one of 2 categories. 1) girls I can have a conversation with feel a personal connection to, and 2) girls I feel physically attracted to. With the girls with whom I can talk, it’s very difficult for me to escalate sexually. I think that I’m afraid that if I make it clear that I’m interested sexually, because they may judge me and I may lose their friendship and respect. For the girls with whom I have less of a personal connection, It’s easy for me to initiate and escalate but the attraction fades quickly. After a couple of times of seeing the girl, I’ll lose interest.

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