• Isaac

    This past week, was the hardest week for me so far. We went out to the gansevoort rooftop on park avenue. When we got there, the space was mostly empty with not a lot going on. Some of the other guys found women to whom to talk, but I was there mostly on my own. I tried winging for Michael, but botched it preset badly. I came in too soon after he had started and took over the conversation and he felt left out. I then lost interest in the girls he was talking to, and just stood there without talking or walking away. At some point, the conversation died and the girls walked off. I felt bad for messing up a conversation that Michael had going pretty well without me.
    I stood around for another while with no one to talk to. The couple of groups I approached, did not last. I was feeling hungry and I asked Matt to come to the deli across the street with me to get a bite. We went out, and on the way out noticed that the line to get in was very big. We went out anyway and had a little bit to eat. After eating, we tried to reenter, telling the bouncers that we had already been inside, but they us get on line. When we got to the front of the line, the bouncer told us that as 2 single guys, he would allow us to enter for a minimum bar charge of $150. I impulsively agreed and we went back in.
    When we got back in, we met up with chris and the group, but they were all on they’re way out, done for the night. We stayed, but I was feeling pretty crappy about getting suckered into a $150 charge. For a while, I thought I’d be able to shake it off, but it just stayed with me. I ended up just closing the tab after one drink each and headed home.
    During the week, on Tuesday night I went on a date with a woman I met through a dating app (Happn). The date went very well, but the girl was leaving on Wednesday to Spain (Ibiza) for a couple of weeks. We agreed to get back in touch when she got back. I also kept on chatting with one girl I know who I’ve been trying to get to date me. I kept on pressing it with her, but at some point she dropped it and stopped responding.

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