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    We went to 230 fifth for the 2nd time. For most of the evening I walked around with Evan. I approached 2 pairs of girls. The first, were 2 girls who were sitting together and were talking. I walked over and sat next to them and asked them if it was OK if I joined. They said it was fine. We made conversation for a while. A few times, it went quiet and I came up with a new question or story, in order to extend the conversation. One of them asked me what I was doing at the bar and I answered that I was there with some guy friends, but that I was enjoying myself more sitting with them. They laughed. We spoke for a while longer, and then at some point I told them that I was going to head back and join my friends and left. They were very friendly and open, but I did feel that they were a little cool. I was happy that I was able to initiate and maintain the conversation and I was happy with how it ended.
    The 2nd pair I approached were a couple of girls from Nicaragua. They were standing at the bar and I walked by and clinked glasses with one of them and started up a conversation. After a minute, Evan joined and started talking to the other girl. I felt that my conversation wasn’t going as smoothly as Evans. At one point, a guy passing by, interrupted our conversation and started talking to the girls. He moved on, but that interruption threw me off and after a couple of minutes, the girls turned back around to face the bar and Evan and I walked off.
    Evan approached a pair of Scottish girls. I winged for him and joined in and we had a great conversation. I tried a few times to the girl I was talking to to turn more so that she would have her back to her friend, but I was not able. Regardless, we had a great time talking and I got her to friend me on Facebook. I tried to get them to follow us to a different party, but they declined.After that, I left and went home.
    Last weekend, I hosted a BBQ for the 4th of July. Evan, Kaiwen and Michael were there. The party went really well. A lot of people came and they all had a great time. I invited a girl that I had met on Happn. I hadn’t met her before in real life, but she came to the BBQ and had a great time. I’ve gone out with her a couple of times since then. At the end of our second date, as we were saying good bye, I kissed her on the lips. This was the first time I’ve ever done that. I plan to meet her again tomorrow, and go to the beach. Not much past that, but I still feel that I’m making progress. I feel like I’m getting stronger, more confident and less needy.

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