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    Week XII
    So yeah, I’m taking the class again. Which means 8 more weeks of Chris’ tutelage. Hopefully by the end of it, I’ll be at the level I’ll be very happy with ( Let’s call it the AlexB level ).

    Friday night I helped Issac with his opener and follow up story. Felt very good that I was able to teach it to him. Also realized I need to keep practicing telling stories and coming up with stories to tell myself. Think I need to add more humor to my arsenal of stories.

    Went to the Standard and opened a few sets. Convo went well, but I wasn’t building a lot of attraction. Last set I came in super confident that Kairu and Jason had already opened. Wasn’t attracted to any of the girls but one girl asked to exchange phone numbers. Nice!

    Had a date on Tuesday from my social circle. It went well and she started flirting and initiated touching during the date. I didn’t go for the kiss which is definitely something I need to work on.

    Went to the Empire Hotel on Thursday with a buddy. Place was packed full of girls. Ratio was like 3:1. I got 5 numbers and 1 kiss. This kiss was from a girl I barely talked to all night. I was really just being social with her friends and at the end of the night I called her over to chat for a bit. I think just talking to her friends, making them laugh and barely paying attention to her was building up attraction for me. Afterwards my wing and I hit up the Hudson Hotel. Met a model and number closed her too. Found a new way to # close. In the past, I would just say something like Hey you seem really cool, let’s keep in touch. It worked pretty well, but I like this new method better as I think there is a higher likelihood of actually getting a date. Basically, I say I’m throwing a party next week, or going to museum next week, or checking out this band, going to X club, yada yada yada, you should come. Give me your #. Chris had taught us to do this in class before, but lots of times I wouldn’t know what I was doing next week to invite someone to. Took me a while to figure it out, just invite them to something and let the universe figure out the details later.


    Nice. I’ll have to try out inviting them to something. It probably increases the probability you’ll actually get them out if you ask for the number under the context of having an event/hand out already planned.

    Christopher Luna

    This is excellent! Just remember, to kiss a girl you only need four things:

    1. Intimate Touch (prolonged)
    2. Sexual Validation (The S. on Move S.E.X.U.A.L.)
    3. Eye Contact
    4. And a willingness to go for it.

    Also, I’m glad that you’ve begun using projections to set up the date or meetup. When you start making plans with a person, getting their phone number becomes a natural consequence. How else are you going to coordinate your plans together? And even if their is sexual tension between the two of you. It’s much easier for a girl (meaning she’ll feel less pressure) to agree to “go to your party” or “event” than to agree to meet for a date Friday night.

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