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    I work at a elementary school. Recently we had a Christmas party at a bar.
    I feel like I received signs of interest from one of the female teachers.
    But, she didn’t make it “clear as day” that she likes me.
    Personally, I would date a co-worker if I was 100% sure that she felt the
    same way about me as I do about her. I have seen other co-workers enter
    into successful relationships with each other (and even a marriage).

    Do you think I should ask her out ? or would it be a big mistake ?

    I wanted to discuss 2 of the possible signs of interest. Ive always
    heard that when a girl touches you on the arm that it’s a sign of
    interest. As she walked past me in the bar she said “Hey John!” and
    patted me on the arm. Normally I wouldn’t think that much of it. But,
    I had already said hello to her when I first walked into the bar.
    So, maybe that was just an excuse to touch me ? Another possible
    sign is that right before she left the bar she told me to say “Hi”
    to her when I see her at the gym. I know when people drink alcohol
    they might say things that they normally wouldn’t while sober or they
    might say the things that they normally only think. Do you think she said
    this because she’s interested in me and is a little upset that I don’t
    say “hi” to her at the gym and that I’m wasn’t giving her the attention that she wants ? (I should mention that the reason why I never really said “hi” to her isn’t because I’m afraid to but it’s because I had a incorrect first impression of her. Alot of the teachers at
    the school I work at tend to not be as friendly as they could be and seem to have a “I’m better than you” mentality towards the staff that has a lower position in the school than they do. So, all this time I thought she was like them. But, now I see that she’s not. She seems to be friendly and down to Earth)

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