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Craft of Charisma is a New York based self-improvement company that focuses on life, dating and relationship guidance for men. We’re looking to expand the content on our website. If you would like to write (or produce other types of content) for us, here are some things that you need to know:

Who are our Readers and Clients:

Men, ages 22 – 35, who are trying to answer what we call, “coming of age questions”. A few examples: How do I attract women (and then the right woman) into my life? How to I develop healthy relationships? As a man, what does the world expect of me? How do I develop financial stability and independence? How to become more healthy (both physically and emotionally)?

How to Pitch Us:

If you have an idea that you think our readers might be into, just pitch us through our contact page.

What We are NOT Looking for:

Promotional content. Articles that are really ads. Reviews that are really ads. People writing about how great they are. Companies writing about how great their products are.

We believe that there is too much crap like this on the internet already. If you want to promote yourself on our platform, produce AWESOME content (honest, emotionally truthful, objective, well researched, creative, intelligent, unique perspective, etc.) that will resonate and benefit our readers, and our readers will find you. And if you do this consistently through our platform, we’ll find ways to help them find you. 


We’re looking for high quality original content between 1,500 and 2,500 words. We expect the articles to be well written, researched, and cited. Essentially college level essay type work. If you can write, but you’ve never published before, that fine. We encourage you to pitch us. 

How to Handle Research and Sources:

Cited Sources – If you pulled ideas from somewhere else, that fine (a lot of articles are compiled in this way) but you have to site your sources. Like in college, you can use MLA formatting. If you use an online source, you’re required to submit the link to the source material (this includes articles, videos and audio/podcast recordings). Is you see something, and you can take a photo, do it (assuming it’s legal) and forward it as part of your source material. 

Original research – Whether it’s surveys, interviews, text messages, or another format, we require your original research be reviewed by us.  

For all submitted articles, your sources and stories will be need to be able to be validated. If you write about someone else, in most cases, we’re going to contact them to make sure what you’ve written is true. 


We pay $25 – $200 per article. You’ll also get a byline on craftofcharisma.com. And for those who publish 10 articles for us, they’ll be given an upgraded profile with a bio and a url link.

Potential Themes

We’re looking for well written articles around the following topics:

  • Better Self (values, lifestyle, finances, friends, fashion, grooming, healthy habits)
  • Health (emotional health, fitness, nutrition, male body
  • Meeting Women (how to meet women, dating skills, approach anxiety)
  • Dating Advice (following up with a girl, date experiences and date ideas, first person essays about dating, answer dating questions in a column format, finding compatibility, dating strategies)
  • Relationships
  • Sex (sex tips, female body, positions, sex and the male body, answering questions about sex, first person essay about sexual experiences that other men can learn from)
  • Women (what women want, female opinion / perspective)
  • Love + Commitment
  • Masculinity (anything exploring the subject that would be helpful to our readers)
  • Cultural Changes (how they affect men, how to navigate them, first person essays, opinion pieces)

Ownership of Content

If you produce content (article, video, podcast, etc.) for Craft of Charisma, we own the exclusive rights to that content. So if you publish a piece with us, you can’t republish it somewhere else without our permission. 


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