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Authenticity is Sexy - with David Wygant

Authenticity is Sexy – with David Wygant

 Guest Introduction: David Wygant is a world renowned life changer, social strategist, and dating and relationship coach. Through his live workshops and online content, he has helped millions of men and women improve their lives over the past 20 years. David has been featured on numerous major media outlets, including AskMen, Cosmopolitan, New York…
The Journey to Dating Success - with Tripp Kramer

The Journey to Dating Success – with Tripp Kramer

Guest Introduction: Tripp Kramer is a Los Angeles based dating coach and the founder of Tripp Advice, which provides attraction and dating advice for men. Interview Summary: In this interview, Tripp begins by describing his personal journey of transforming his social and dating life. He talks about some of the patterns he discovered, and then…

Getting Stood Up.

“Introspection, the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes.” When I got into this whole self-improvement and personal development thing, I’ve been told countless times that too much of this wasn't good for progressing towards your dating goals, that thinking leads to less action and that more doing is better. Lately, as…

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