Introduction: Meeting and Connecting with Women.

Chris Luna
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Working through Shyness and Introversion with Dean J.

Course Overview

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Craft of Charisma’s “Introduction: Meeting and Connecting with Women” will teach you the foundations that you need to both get more dates and to date higher quality women.

This class includes an explanation of the Five Phases of Dating Development. A journey that every man must go through as he learns to attract the right woman into his life.

We also include an introduction to Craft of Charisma’s DateCompass. The DateCompass is used in our private coaching programs to teach our clients to both move relationships intimately and to navigate consent. If you use it, you’ll never feel lost with women.

Finally, we’ve included real-world examples and next steps so that you know how to apply what you’ll be learning to your life.

Course Features

  • Lectures25
  • Quizzes0
  • Duration1 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
  • Introduction to Craft of Charisma.  0/3

    • Introduction to Craft of Charisma.
    • Overview for this class.
    • Every man is on a journey.
  • Five Phases of Dating Development.  0/7

    • Five Phases of Dating Development.
    • Phase one: Self – A practice of self-development.
    • Phase two: Meeting People – Bringing people into your life (including women you want to date)
    • Phase three: Seduction – Moving from friends to intimacy.
    • Phase four: Relationships – Two people coming together.
    • Phase five: Love, Commitment and Communication – Sustainable partnerships.
    • Going in circles.
  • Overview of the Date Compass  0/1

    • Overview of the Date Compass
  • Meeting People - Bringing people into your life.  0/2

    • Meeting people
    • Who do you want to meet?
  • Seduction - Moving from friends to intimacy.  0/6

    • Social Dynamics.
    • Area.
    • Touch.
    • Emotions.
    • Shortcut: Touch – Talk – Move.
    • Examples.
  • Relationships - Two people coming together.  0/4

    • Relationship types.
    • Introducing the idea of a relationship.
    • Communicating boundaries and expectations.
    • Understanding drift.
  • Applying these lessons to your life.   0/2

    • Case studies.
    • Next steps.

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Chris Luna

Chris Luna


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