Touch: Navigating Space and Physical Contact.

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Craft of Charisma’s “Touch: Navigating Space and Physical Contact” will teach you when and how to touch a woman.

This class includes an explanation of the six relationship types as well as the forms of touch normally associated with each type. We’ll also teach you how to navigate between these different relationships; from first meeting through sexual intimacy. We’ll also teach you how to test boundaries for attraction and comfort, navigate out of the friend-zone, and how to read a person’s reactions to know whether to advance for pull back.

Finally, we’ve included real-world examples and next steps so that you know how to apply what you’ll be learning within your life.

Course Features

  • Lectures17
  • Quizzes0
  • Duration1 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
  • IntIntroduction to Touch: Navigating Space and Physical Contact.  0/5

    • Introduction to Touch: Navigating Space and Physical Contact.
    • Why it’s essential that a man knows how to navigate touch.
    • Touch and consent.
    • Touch and sexual escalation.
    • The connection between relationship types and physical boundaries.
  • The six relationship types.  0/5

    • Understanding the six relationship types.
    • Relationship Type: Stranger.
    • Relationship Type: Acquaintance
    • Relationship Type: Friends.
    • Relationship Type: Intimate.
  • Next.  0/5

    • Relationship Type: Romantic
    • Flirting and Arousal
    • When to go for the kiss?
    • Foreplay and Arousal
    • Relationship Type: Sexual
  •   0/2

    • Putting it all together.
    • What’s next?

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