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    Was out daygamming today in union square w/ Alex and Mike. Sorry to people in the class who’s phone # i don’t have yet… I’ll hit you all up next time.

    We had a great time. Alex proved again that he’s a fearless approacher. Union square is hilarious by the way. We ran into at least 4 other independent groups of guys doing day game. We might need to find a new place next time.

    I had a great time. I had never really devoted an afternoon to day game before, so today for me was all about learning how to start conversations during the day.

    Inspired by the Justin Wayne podcast, I’m breaking this apart a bit w/ numbers.

    Throughout the day I approached 9 girls, had 6.5 conversations (i’m giving one of them half credit) and got 1 number.

    Of the 9, 2 of them were girls who were walking that I stopped. For 2 of these ones, I went direct (you look cute and I wanted to say hi, or i like your style and i wanted to say hi). Only one of them turned into a conversation. It was a nice chat, but when I asked for her number, she said she had a boyfriend. For the other, I was blown out, but no big deal.

    Of the others, I went direct for 2 of them. I had half a conversation w/ a girl who was stretching on her way to a class – it was fine, but since it was my first set, I was pretty awkward. The other one I went direct for was a girl sitting on the steps at union square. I left prematurely b/c she said she was a high schooler — or that was my excuse, but really i thought it was going awkwardly.. should have hung in there for practice.

    The only other failed set was at barnes and noble where I asked for a book recommendation for my sister. I left because it was apparent that this girl was with her boyfriend there.

    I opened 5 girls indirectly w/ situational openers. These all led to conversations, except the barnes and noble girl.

    The first was a girl in line for the bathroom at starbucks. I opened by saying that I had found a website on my phone containing hidden bathroom spots in new york. We wound up talking about how her friend is visiting and I gave her some suggestions for places to take her friend – she seemed to like me. Then I went to the bathroom. When i left and she finished in the bathroom, I asked for her number but she said she had a boyfriend. Either way, I shouldn’t have delayed so much.

    The second was at washington square park. I sat next to a girl who was listening to jazz from a far. I opened by asking her if she had ever seen someone play 2 trumpets at the same time before (as the guy was doing). We talked for a bit about jazz, about her being a designer and about yoga. I took her number and then left.

    At the end of yoga class today, I started talking to a girl about the book she was reading. We spoke about her being a student, and her class. I definately could have asked for her number, but I didn’t because I was a pussy.

    Then on the subway, I started talking to a girl next to me who was carrying trader joe’s bags about how awesome trader joe’s was. We spoke for a while and actually had a solid conversation about running, yoga and about living on the L train. I definatly could have asked for her number, but again I was sort of a pussy here and didn’t because I imagined how it would be awkward to have to ride on the subway the rest of the way if she rejected me— stupid fear.

    So, for next time I think I just need to start asking for numbers faster from the girls that I talk to.


    It was a great day even though it was a chilly day. We were watching and commenting each other. We tried to do direct and situational openers. A lot of fun 🙂

    Evan, if you shy to ask for a phone in a daygame or it’s not comfortable for you to ask like “It was really enjoying the conversation, let’s meet at a coffee place later..”. You can use a transition question like “What do you usually do in your free time?” She would say kinda “I meet my friends, go to movies, have some drinks or go to restaurants”. So now it’s much easier “Cool, I know a very nice place where they make the best margaritas in the city! Leave me your number so we can set up time to check it out!” Something like that.

    I personally mentioned when I had a great conversations and was a pussy to ask for a number a girl became very upset and I could read it on her face. She thinks kinda what did I do wrong that he didn’t ask me for a number) Not asking a number after conversations actually upsets them. If you keep that in mind I think it would be easier for you to ask it.


    You guys both did great… You did a lot of approaches, had some good conversations, etc. Besides the group approaches we did, I only did 1 solo approach, so hopefully next time I’ll be less scared lol.

    Numbers are funny… When I was doing daygame more consistently about a year ago, I started getting more numbers, but most of them would flake, sometimes even girls that I [thought] I had good conversations with.

    If you don’t feel like asking for the number straight up, one way to do it would be to lead her into it, so maybe say something like “You seem cool, we should continue our conversation,” or “We should hang out and continue our conversation sometime.” I did that once and the girl actually asked for my number.

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