• John

    Hey guys, I want to ask how soon you can hold a girl’s hand after meeting her during the day. I know at night, you can first introduce it when moving her in a venue. I know there should be no time limits on it, but depending on people’s attraction and comfort level, I notice this can usually be as early as 15 minutes into a conversation usually when walking to the bar of the venue. I wanted to start experimenting with holding a girl’s hand after meeting her during the daytime, and I know how important it is to hold a girl’s hand (to communicate security to her on your end), but I’ve never tried it during the day. I don’t know if it is nervousness on my end and/or I think it is too serious too soon for someone to do that, but I am a little hesitant to try this (although I have a feeling this would definitely help my conversations). Until relatively recently, I was not even comfortable holding a girl’s hand in a bar or club. I guess my question is this: is all this a mental block in my head, and holding a girl’s hand during the day really is the same as at night (eg should be introduced when first moving a girl and depending on the person can be done as early as 15 minutes or so into a conversation)? Or is it actually a little bit too serious to introduce into a conversation with a person you met during the day? Thanks!

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