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    The drilling involved how to keep physically escalating with a woman and also how to start creating sexual tension. I was pretty excited about the sexual tension because I’ve always wondered how to move things forward after starting a conversation.

    These were the few drills we went through (all these are done to keep testing how much shes comfortable with and if she’s attracted to you)

    Say hi and hold on to her hand
    While holding her hand notice her necklace and slowly go from side of the collarbone to the next AND maintain EYE CONTACT AND talk really really slowly AND be really close to her, THEN kiss her
    Do the same with hair and earrings, the idea is to make sure the touch is elongaged for as long as possible.

    We went out later after drilling but none of the places we went to had any attractive women that any of us were interested in.

    One Thing that came to mind is I caught the eye of one African American woman and I again I never initiated. Don’t know when I’ll just get tired missing out on opportunities like there. even if they’re not someone I would date..

    When Peter and I left slate 3 gorgeous women got out of the cab and those are the kind of women I want to date now. And now I am getting it, if I can’t even approach a regular, avg woman how do I expect to approach a woman that is a 9 or 10 that intimidates the crap out of me.

    Saturday was slow to start. I planned on Speed dating and an after party.

    This particular speed dating event I did get more matches, and I set out to just ask different questions to the women so that at least I stand out from the other men. Of the 3 I was surprised by one actually picking me, I just didn’t really think she would be into to me. A couple of grouchy bad attitude women there, I didn’t let that bother me, stuck with and they eventually warmed up.

    From this event I ended up making more female friends than women that I am intimately interested in. So I went with them to the after party. Ended up making friends with 2 women who were being bothered by some guys rescued them a few times. Got a rapport with them and I invited them to the Fashion show that Paul had invited us out to for Monday on Presidents Day.

    Did a few approaches where I got blown off a few times. I did have one interaction with a woman that I made I contact with really gorgeous. I spent time talking to her and going back to the other group of women that I was hangin out with. I couldn’t seem to get her engaged in the conversation, I found myself initiating the conversation or she just wouldn’t fill in the gaps. At one point she even said she was just there to hang out with her friend and no to meet people. In the end I didn’t ask for her name just felt I was doing too much to get her to open up and she wasn’t which was a mistake now that I think about it. She was paying attention that I was spending with other women and she would refer to them as pony tail or tall blonde.

    Other things that I am realizing is that woman are bumping into to me and I can feel their breasts when they are doing this. Interesting there’s more than enough space that they dont have to bump into me. And when I approach they its always the same thing “I have a boyfriend” so not sure why this is happening, but I am also stuck on how to move these conversations forward even if they are available.

    I am also getting a lot of value asking women how I come when I approach, most women are actually very open to this. I am finding I am getting feedback of qualities that I never really considered women find attractive. So will keep doing this and just engaging with more women around these topics.

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