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    This week we went to Williamsburg to the usual venue. I was relaxed but still anxious. Approach anxiety never really goes away. When we got there I opened up two girls that were right in front of me. The initial opening was not that good. I debated using the opening story but decided not to because I hadn’t practiced it during class. The first entry was rough but Artie rushed in to save me from outright annihilation, lol. We were able to continue the conversation for around 10 minutes before they left to go. I was able to utilize the fact that I was in Alaska in the army to enthrall them for a couple of minutes, but I still lacked a connection.
    The second group of women I was able to build a connection with one of them. I approached with the usual opener, no opening story. I built a connection and was able to continue a conversation with her for 10 minutes. Artie also assisted with wingman in this event. After the conversation she left with her friend to go inside to the inner part of the bar. After ten minutes I saw her again and was able to get her phone number. After that I opened a group of women that Chris pointed out. I was able to open them but there was no connection between them and me. Artie came in 2 minutes later and tried to assist but we were unable to close with them. I touched appropriately on the shoulder and there were a couple of laughs, but no joy. That was the last approach of the night before I went home.

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