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    Last Friday for in field we started off at Phoebes. During the lecture the new guys did a lot of drills on winging, so tonight they were able to wing with us a lot more. I also realized I was bringing the wing back incorrectly, like I should let him walk away a little more so that when he comes back he is on the opposite side of the group and splits them in half.

    So I did quite a few approaches this night. Out of the worthy mentions, I opened a 3-set and had Mike wing me. They were all okay so I didn’t indicate to him who my target was and just let him have his choice. Mike got into an isolated conversation with one of them. I occupied the other two. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he wasn’t touching her or moving too much. After the interaction, I also gave him some pointers on getting her back to point to her friends because I could tell she kept looking at them. We had a very solid conversation and it was going well. Then Subhra came in to wing me again on the other two. Subhra had a great opinion question, about having wallabies as pets, but the girl he used it on just so happened to be an environmental conservationist and she got into an argument on how that’s illegal in this country. Lol it was a great opener and backstory, just bad luck on which girl he used it on. Sometimes those things happen. Then that girl got mad and pulled the other two away.

    I approached at least a few more sets in Phoebes. All the opening and transitioning went well, just I wasn’t able to move any of them. Eventually it got super crowded in there and it seemed there were 20 guys to every girl. I don’t mind approaching mixed sets, but only if there are more guys in it than girls. I didn’t want to approach a 10 set just to be able to get to talk to the 1 girl in the set. So a few of us headed to B Bar.

    So Mike, Jason, John, Evan and I all walked to B Bar. Once inside, we split up into smaller pairs. I went into a 3-set, I was starting to try to split one of them apart but then a guy came up and started talking to me and my target. John came in right at the perfect time, even though it was early in the interaction, just because the guy came in and the others started losing interest. I asked my target and the guy how they knew each other and the guy said they dated, the girl looked annoyed like he was cockblocking her. They all started splitting apart soon after.

    Then I approached another 3-set standing off to the side. I noticed their eyes were scanning around before I went up so they looked like they wanted to meet people. Jason came in to wing me. He didn’t stick around too long. I continued talking to them but couldn’t move them so told them I’d meet up with them later.

    Jason and I met back up, after he left I was going to do another approach or two but it was late and I just ended up leaving as well.

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