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    So, I haven’t posted an infield report in a while. I think over the past few months i had some waning motivation. This was caused by a mix of work load and also winding up in a few fairly reliable hook-up situations which have been described already. But, one of these turning sour (although actually it hasn’t really, i just thought it had for a bit) forced me to really re-evaluate and get back in touch with my overall goals. I really have so much improving to do, and outside of improving style i’ve basically not been very focused on this. I almost feel like i need to feel a bit of bad emotion/devastation to get refocused on goals. Getting comfortable is bad. Anyway, i’m making the following simple goals which i should be able to follow: focused on a few things. I am making a goal to do this for 8 consecutive weeks.
    1) going out 2x per week.
    2) doing 5 approaches on each of those nights

    This should add up to 80 approaches.

    I’m quite in the hole with work until after the first week of august, but i legitimately plan on fulfilling this goal after that.

    Anyway, last time i went out, i followed this strategy of doing 5 approaches and it was great (setting a actual goal of not taking more than 10 minutes between approaches). It actually set me up with good momentum for the rest of the night. Other good thing i was doing was totally improvising my openers. I know this isn’t great to do at first, but i think i’m at a point where i can do it. You just need to still say something which demonstrates some value (or really just a bunch of specific things which maybe get latched onto) very quickly. In practice, this resulted in plowing – or approaching and just talking until i get a response. Out of 5 approaches it honestly only went bad once. And even then it was just a little awkward with me rambling about hamburgers and how they’re great (inspired by the girls eating a burger). I didn’t get blown out. In fact, I recently realized on a date that improv has really improved my ability to just bullshit for long periods of time. (That date actually went really well – i’m starting to think so much can actually just be boiled down to ‘just keep talking and physically escalate while you do it’- which makes sense of what Chris frequently says ‘touch talk move’).

    Of the 5 approaches, my best was the last. I approached a group of 5 girls sitting at a table. Opened asking them if they had brought their own bottle of wine. Carried high energy for a while. Eventually grabbed a chair and sate down. Talked for a while, ~ 30 minutes. Eventually matt came in and joined me. I couldn’t really move any of them because we were sitting. So, it didn’t really go anywhere, but opening and carrying a 5 set felt like an accomplishment. Eventually I took one of their numbers and headed out as the place closed. I feel like I should have pushed it more that night.
    Aside from that, I had a date on Sunday where I escalated to making out in the bar – couldn’t go past this though due to her having a big thing early in the morning – will see her again soon.

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