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    Hey does anyone have tips to get your energy level up? We all know how important it is to have a high energy level. I notice when my energy level is really good, very few sets don’t hook. As a guy who is a little smaller than average, I definitely know how important it is to get my energy level up even more so. In the last couple of classes, my energy level has been ok, but I really want to take it to the next level. In the past, what has worked really well for me is opening 4-5 sets in the first few minutes of the night or finding a very large set/a set that is very nerve racking for me to open. It has been a bit tough to do this, given that we’ve been going to venues with fewer sets (which is fine because there also positives to the venues we’ve been going to) and also we are a larger class (so it would be difficult for students and coaches to get all those sets in). Sometimes, I notice Chris is able to increase his energy level. It seems like he goes through an internal process, which I think would be a lot more ideal than depending on having those 4-5 sets early in the night for the aforementioned reasons. Maybe he can talk about that internal process (I’m just assuming that he has one). If anyone else has more tips on how to increase one’s energy level (especially through an internal process), that would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!


    Hi John,

    I bet Chris can get the best advises about it, because I haven’t seen anybody who does it better.

    Some basics: talk louder, do couple push ups before, laugh, and enjoy.

    Also google ted talk “Your body language shapes who you are” from Amy Cuddy. She talks about the poses that increase your testosterone level. It worked for me.

    I also personally prefer to have a cup of coffee before going out.


    Hey Alex, thanks for the tips. I’ll def check out that video but I’m also curious to see what Chris says.


    First, I would just start talking to people as soon as we enter the venue. These don’t need to be full blown approaches. They can just be walking up and saying Hi, how’s your night going? And then leaving after a minute. I think there’s enough people in there that it will be fine. Also, there’s no rule which says a given girl can only be approached by 1 guy in a group. Especially if the first person was just polite and friendly.

    I think energy level is very related general positivity. When I’m having fun, joking around, excited, optimistic and generally expecting good things to happen, my energy is pretty high. This is true even if I’m tired. Interestingly, this is very well established in animal behavior literature as well: animals perform actions much more vigorously in environments where the average reward rate is high (e.g. their rate of food/juice / second is high)- even for actions that don’t lead to reward. General positivity is an idea that’s a big in sports psychology as well – having and maintaining a positive attitude generally makes athletes perform at a higher level. I remember when I ran cross country in college, we had a few strategies for maintaining positivity. I’ve thought of a few here that i think could apply to going out, and maybe we can think of a few more.

    1. Group dynamics. It’s my experience in both sports as well as going out to meet girls that negative energy is contagious. In college, we had a rule that on the bus ride to races, no one was allowed to say anything ‘negative’. This basically included anything that was pessimistic (the other team is better than us), complaining (, why did we have to leave this early) or even something that was said to pre-emtively excuse a poor performance (. The reason is that negativity spreads, is amplified and comes back at you. I think it’s important that when we’re in a venue to be strictly positive. It would also be useful to try to generate positive energy by joking around, pumping each other up, and generally be the crowd that’s providing the fun party to whatever venue we show up.

    2. Reframing negative emotions. The physical feeling of many emotions is ambiguous. You need to provide context in order to decide what you’re actually feeling. For example, the physical feeling in your chest when you’re feeling nervous is extremely similar to how you feel when you’re very excited. Choose to interpret this as excitement instead of nervousness. The other key is to not judge yourself for what you’re feeling, but rather to accept it and move on. So, if you do feel tired, just acknowledge it and then move past it.

    3. Conditioning. Another exercise involves trying to condition yourself away from negative thoughts. Wear a rubber band on your wrist and when you notice yourself thinking something negative, lightly snap the rubber band on your wrist. This will cause you to notice the thought patterns that tend to lead to negativity. It will also associate them with a slight uncomfortable feeling and may train you to avoid them.

    4. Presence. I’m not really good at this yet, but generally practicing staying present is really big in being able to control how you feel at any given point in time. I found taking improve classes helped a lot in this way. I recently started reading the book “the power of now”. Parts of it are spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but if you sort through that it’s pretty great in explaining some strategies for learning controlling your thoughts. I also want to try meditation.
    Other things that I haven’t really tried, but am interested in are using cue words (so, picking some phrase or mantra that you like which can get you going and basically making a deal with yourself that when you repeat that phrase to yourself, you will change your energy state. Again, you’re training yourself to on a cue change your energy state). Lastly, some people have success with using mental imagery before they go out. So, imagining oneself succeeding extremely vividly before going out.

    I’m also interested to hear what Chris says.


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