• Isaac

    We went out to the Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar. When we got there, the crowd was kind of slim, so I tried to keep myself busy by going over to the bar and getting a drink. I’ve also noticed that I’m much more comfortable mingling when I’m holding a drink in my hand. Not necessarily drinking, just holding a drink.
    I walked around the roof a bit, but still didn’t see much to do. I met up with Michael and we started walking around together. We were standing at one point when from a group of kids nearby, a girl pointed at me and shouted ‘Hey Gabe’. I walked over to the group and said Hi. I told her (Angie) that I was not Gabe, but that Gabe must be a great guy. I introduced myself to all the kids in the group and got all of their names and joined in the conversation they were having.
    After a few minutes, Angie said that she was going off to the bar to get a drink and she asked me if I wanted her to get a drink for me – since they were having an open bar for her friend’s birthday. I asked her for a Vodka-Pineapple and remained talking to her friends. They were a bunch of kids that had been together in High School in Connecticut and they had all just graduated college. Some at Columbia and some out of town. They were a group of about 4 guys and 4 girls.
    After talking for a while with Angie’s friends, the security guards asked us to leave the part of the roof that we were on, since it was for smoking only – and we were not smoking. Inside, I bumped into Angie again. I teased her about not getting me the drink, but she said that the bar was way too crowded. I told her that I had an idea – and took her to the other bar at the end of the roof and bought drinks for us there. On the way to the bar I stopped with her for a minute and we danced together. Angie asked me what I was doing at the bar. I told her that I was there for my friend’s girlfriend’s birthday – and pointed at Chris and Cici who were sitting nearby.
    For the next hour or so, I hung around Angie and her friends. Sometimes I left Angie alone and danced with and talked to her friends – but then I would come back to her. We were having a lot of fun. At some point she asked me how old I was. I said 26. The truth is, that I’m 36. She was 21.
    I was dancing with Angie, when one of the guys in the group, Ben, cut in on us and pulled Angie away. It was noisy, but I thought I heard him say something like – this is where it ends for you tonight. I understood him to be a friends of Angie’s’ who was looking out for her. I felt like I didn’t have much of an option and I wasn’t about to argue with him, so I walked away.
    I was thinking that this part of the night was done – and that I would start looking for other women. I walked off to get a drink. I got the drink and sat down on one of the sofas and was just watching the crowd. One of the girls from Angie’s group saw me and came over to me. She sat on my lap and shared my drink and then pulled me back into dancing. I was there dancing with Angie’s friends when Angie came back without her friend Ben. I saw her and I joined her again. I mentioned her friend Ben, but she said that she hardly even knew him.
    At some point Lauren, who seemed to be the group leader, told me that they wanted to go on to the standard hotel. She asked me what my plans were. I told her and Angie that I would go wherever Angie would go. I left them to say good bye to Chris. When I came back, I took Angie downstairs and told her that we were going to get her some water since she had had a lot to drink.
    When we were walking, Angie’s phone rang. It was her friend Lauren. I answered the phone and told Lauren that we were at the Starbucks at 67 and Columbus getting a drink of water. Lauren and one of the guys from the group came over they hung out with us for a bit and checked with Angie that she was OK. I told Angie that she was able to come stay at my place. Her friends double checked with her that she was fine with that. I assured her friends that she would be fine with me and I friended them on Facebook and took Angie home.

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