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Dating Mastery Program (8 Weeks)



Craft of Charisma’s 8-week Dating Mastery Program is the world’s premier dating coaching program for men.

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How Our Programs Are Different

Our Dating Mastery Program is an eight-week, intensive, life-changing experience.

This program will give you the time you need to actually learn, experiment with, and ask questions about what we’ll be teaching you. So when you do get stuck, we’ll be there for you.

Next, our classes are small. Our student-teacher ratio is usually 2:1. In addition, we tend to cap our classes at about 8 students, depending upon the availability of our coaching team.

This way, when we take you infield to practice “live” what we role-played in our classroom, you’ll have a coach available to watch you, answer your questions, and to give you feedback.

Finally, we’ve been running the program since 2008, and we’re not going anywhere. The program is now being offered in several cities. This means that long after you finish taking our Mastery Program, we’ll still be around.

This forces us to maintain a higher standard of coaching. But we’ve been successful because we’ve met that standard and we’ve been able to help our clients consistently achieve their dating goals.

Program Agenda

Week 1: Every relationship has a beginning. Learning to start conversations successfully is that beginning.

We break apart starting conversations into three components: body language, voice and speech patterns, and the content of your conversations.

Then we role-play social scenarios until the concepts are instinctive. Afterwards, we take you to practice in real situations. This might be a park, a bar, the street, a party, the types of situations that you experience in daily life.

Once these three elements are refined, you will have the confidence to move beyond anxieties and fears of rejection, to start conversations with nearly any person and in nearly any situation.

Whether that’s a group or women guarded by an intimidating man, or a person that you previously perceived as being out of your dating or social range. These are the first steps of social freedom.

Week 2Starting Conversations (fear of rejection, meeting more desired women, dealing with intimidating men)

Confidence is attractive. It’s projected through your body language, your voice, and through your choices.

In life, you get what you think you’re worth, not what you want. This might be an opportunity, a job, or a woman. In between these two spaces lives our fantasies.

At Craft of Charisma, we know that the secret to getting what you want, whether it’s a job or dating the type of woman that you fantasize about, is to encourage you to take risks, gain new positive experiences based upon better strategies, and change what you think is possible.

Week 3What to say next (getting stuck in your head, not being present in the moment)

Once the conversation has begun, you have to know how to progress the communication.

People who communicate well are present in the moment. They aren’t trapped by anxieties in their head, thinking about the perfect thing to say next. They’re listening to the other person. Asking questions. Validating them. Communicating their life through narratives. Encouraging the other person to tell their own stories. Exchanging contact information. And setting up the interaction to continue at some point in the future.

The reality is that they’re using a series of tools that differentiate them from the people around them and help to build lasting human connections.

In the Dating Mastery Program, we help you to develop these tools, and we teach how to use them to convey the vibrancy of your personality. This is what will distinguish you from the people around you. Not wealth, status, or power. We want women to like you for who you are, for your personality.

Week 4Touch (anxieties about when and how to touch, dealing with aversion to physical contact)

It’s common for people to have anxieties about physical contact. But the truth is that touch is an essential component of human interaction. And lack of touch is one of the most common mistakes that people make when they fail to strengthen their relationships, both in friendships, or as someone attempts to progress a relationship into intimacy. This begins with the trust built by a simple handshake and can continue into the most intimate forms of physical and sexual contact.

In the Dating Mastery Program we will teach you to move past this anxiety, and to touch with emotional intelligence, so that the people you interact with always feel comfortable. We do this in steps, so that you always know where you’re at. And if you go too far, you don’t embarrass yourself or cause awkwardness for the other person. Not only will this help to develop stronger bonds with the people in your life, it will ensure that the relationships that you want to progress intimately, move in that direction.

Week 5Rejection (women challenging you, rejecting you, and affecting your self esteem)

Often, when a man first interacts with a woman, she’ll get nervous and either act uninterested or screen him as she deals with her own anxieties. Sometimes this is in the form of a pretentious attitude, an insult, a challenge, and in others a flat out rejection.

This doesn’t always mean she’s not interested. Often, the woman is dealing with her own set of anxieties – about safety, about herself, and about the potential of your presence in her life. Other times she’s actually flirting.

Recognizing this, and dealing with these situations takes a special type of social flexibility. It also takes a certain level of esteem. In the Dating Mastery Program, we’ll teach you to develop both. You’ll learn to navigate these situations to make them work in your favor.

Week 6Confidence (anxieties about yourself, your image, and self-esteem)

Leadership is one of the most important things we teach, and it’s a focus of not only the Dating Mastery Program, but of Craft of Charisma.

No matter where you are now, what type of anxieties you’re dealing with, you have to learn to lead. Often this means taking risks and breaking from your culture, society, peer group, family, religion, or status-quo. People will discourage you. In many cases they’ll even mock you, and attempt to get you to conform back to your old behavior. But the rewards for great leadership are substantial. They will affect your business, family, social, and romantic life in more ways than you can imagine.

In the dating mastery program, we drill specifics, and get you accustomed to leading. This could be leading a social circle or group, a conversation, a woman by the hand, plans for an evening, or taking her home. It’s about making choices and taking risks. It’s about being a confident man.

Week 7Comfort (helping a woman past her anxieties: safety, sex, and acceptance)

Women have a lot of anxieties, but they want to have sex. It’s a man’s responsibility to make the experience comfortable.

At the extremes, you only need one of two things to have sex with a woman:  attraction or comfort. If a women has enough attraction, she will take risks that will compromise her safety to have sex with a man. That’s not to say this is intelligent, but it’s a reality. We experience this when we see a woman throw herself at a celebrity, even though she knows little or nothing about the person’s psychological health.

At the other extreme, if a woman has enough comfort, she’ll have sex with a man she isn’t attracted to, assuming he doesn’t judge her for wanting to fulfill her sexual needs.

In the Dating Mastery Program, we will teach you how to build that type of open non-judgmental relationship with a woman, to accept her for who she is. This is a very special skill set, for which you will be rewarded in more ways than just sex

Week 8Going for the kiss and stating sexual interest (fear of rejection, embarrassment, potential social consequences and need to be politically correct)

To kiss a woman, there are only four things you need to do. In the Dating Mastery Program, we’ll teach them to you. When it comes to stating sexual interest, don’t be embarrassed about your needs as a man. This includes your desire to have sex. Women like sex as much as men. They crave testosterone. They’re just looking for the right man. They are looking for a specific set of qualities. We’re going to teach you to become that man. We are going to teach you to embody these qualities.

Additional Topics: Navigation of space and situation (anxieties about getting close to a woman, awkward situations, her friends, spontaneous intimacy)

When you meet a woman that you are attracted to, there are points when you have to take a risk to move the interaction along. Otherwise, you become the man that glances at her from across the group, only to watch another man come along and steal her away.

In the Dating Mastery Program, we’re going to teach you to navigate these situations so you’re never that man again. We also teach you to read social situations. Many women don’t care if they have their friends’ approval when they pursue a man. They’re focused on the pursuit of their own happiness. In other cases the validation of their friends and family are essential.

We’ll teach you how to evaluate both the relationships and situations so that you can focus on what’s important to moving the relationship forward. By the end of the Dating Mastery Program you will be able to understand social interactions in a way that very few people do. And that will affect every human interaction that you have for the rest of your life. Talk about an advantage!

Relationships (anxieties about commitment, communicating honestly, speaking up when hurt, listening and asking questions)

Most people want something serious. They just don’t want to make the mistake and commit to the wrong person. The reality is that you are in a relationship with every person that you know. It might not be the relationship that you want, but there are certain expectations for both parties. In the Dating Mastery Program, you’re going to learn to manage expectations and to lead your relationships in the direction that fits your needs.

The Dating Mastery Program is capped at 8 people (with the location given after registration). The classes will be held on eight consecutive weeks from 7:30 pm to midnight. Sessions include live infield practice so bring a Government I.D. (you must be over 21) and be dressed for club entrance (collared shirt/no sneakers).

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